Canadian branch getting rid of their trucks and drivers

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  • wannaexit

    A recent letter to the elders outlined the new arrangement for delivering literature to the congregations. The Canadian branch will be downsizing by eliminating drivers and trucks and utilizing commercial carriers to bring the boxes of monthly literature . More outsourcing and more lay offs.

    The funny thing about it is that they want to have the literature delivered to various private homes of the rank and file rather than have the literature delivered to the kingdom hall. They are willing to pay more for this than the cheaper deal of bulk transport to a singular destination. To cover up this "worldly scheme" , they made up a story about it being better for times of persecution to have the literature delivered to private homes.

    Imagine how much better it is to have Canada post or UPS deliver literature from the branch to private homes, yes the government would never know (sarcasm)

  • pepperheart
    More cut backs, i feel sorry for the drivers who will most likly be sent home from bethel
  • sparrowdown
    Where I live, it gets delivered by commercial courier to a centrally located brother's house and then the lit servant from each cong picks it up from there and takes it home to his house.
  • wannaexit
    @pepperheart- the Canadian Bethel has already sent home quite a number of people. Some that I personally know thought they were set for life because they had spent 30+ years there.
  • sparrowdown
    Persnally, I hope they empty all the bethels. It must cost a fortune to keep these theocratic motels ticking over.
  • brandnew
    What could possibly be the reason? Im not gettin it? Sorry😇
  • OnTheWayOut

    I guess they could have it delivered to an assembly hall, but they probably decided that nobody will be there on most weekdays to receive the order. Strange, it seems they could easily get the kiss-ass pioneers to volunteer to be available to accept a delivery. Just assign them days to sit around and wait and give them 8 hours on their report for their trouble. They see that as a WIN-WIN. Maybe they are too cheap to have the lights on for that.

    Paying a bit more to deliver to private homes might be bullshit. They might not pay more.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    I don't know, I just don't get it. The whole idea of cutbacks is to save money, by laying unfortunate ones off to save costs. But then to go and spend even more money to have a private firm do it, strange.
  • baltar447
    Beth, since Canada has health care, the savings must be seen from housing workers, not keeping trucks on the road, not leading them, fuel insurance. Etc.
  • berrygerry

    Someone posted a controversial thread a few weeks ago regarding some insider info about NY WTS corp.

    I posted on that thread, but the thread was limbo'd.

    My post was to this effect:

    In the 2014 tax filing, Canada has 50,400,000 in Land and Buildings, but Net Assets of only 33,700,000.

    In reality, does this not indicate that Canada is negative cash-wise?

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