Canadian branch getting rid of their trucks and drivers

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  • nevaagain

    I am in europe and this happened 6 months ago here.

    The brothers here dont seem to be too happy about this new arrengement. For example, a big congregation near our is being used a big hub where aprox. 30 other congregations have to pick up their literature, so whenever literature is getting delivered a huge swarm of bros/sis have to sort them out for the 30 congregations. Previously the bethel truck would deliver the literature on a Friday and they had the weekend to do the job and starting with Monday we were able to pick up our literature. Now UPS delivers the literature a couple of days later on a Monday so everybody has to wait one week to pickup the literature because the bros can only do the work of sorting out the literature for the congregations on a weekend.

    The brother who signs up on the delivery papers is not too happy either, previously he was good friends with the bethel truck driver and because he had a long route, he even stayed there over night. Now the communication with UPS is not existed, they even arrive at different times so the bro signing up the deliver paper has to stay there a whole day waiting for UPS.

  • Splash

    There's very little consideration for the worker bees.

    So long as the nest can better itself, the drones are expendable.

  • SecretSlaveClass


    brandnew: I would venture that its more cost effective to outsource. But rather than tell the congregations the truth , they spin a story that they are preparing for the great tribulation and persecution and this is the reason why they want to deliver to private homes.

    WBTS Rule #1: When all else fails always fall back on the ol' Great Tribulation excuse
  • ToesUp

    So many Bethelites thought they were set for life. Once they are laid off, they have very little skills to survive in the world. It is truly sad. We can see this happening once they finish the Warwick resort, more will be "put back in the field."

    I agree with someone who posted about letting the Book Studies go due to the cost of gas. WT uses excuses when it suits THEM. If it benefits THEM, they make the change. Look at how EVIL the internet and IPads were just a few short years ago. NOW...EVERYONE HAS AN IPAD! they don't have to print so much. Hmm!

  • Sweetp0985
    I have to agree with Incognito about them going to be sending less literature. Isn't there another thread saying they sent out a letter to elders asking them to limit their orders because there was too much waste of magazines, etc. And also they're probably going to be doing a lot less printing and more on internet.
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Just a fleeting thought - is the Org gearing up (speeding up the chariot) to dramatically reduce the output of magazines/literature and introduce electronic/iPad Witnessing as standard/ in the coming months?

    The biggest drain on the Org's god (money!) are the costs of printing,

    Maybe we're about to hear about a radical change in the preaching methods, because after all, the most important thing to show people is not the Bible - it's JW dot ORG!

  • SecretSlaveClass
    The Seacher:
    The biggest drain on the Org's god (money!) are the costs of printing

    I may be wrong, but I'm seriously beginning to doubt that the Org's entire modus operandi is about accumulating money. Where are the profits? Who benefits and how? If it is, considering what seems to be their financial dire straits they have to be one of the world's worst organizations as far as financial management goes.

  • OrphanCrow
    wanaexit: The Canadian branch will be downsizing by eliminating drivers and trucks and utilizing commercial carriers to bring the boxes of monthly literature . More outsourcing and more lay offs.
    berrygerry: In the 2014 tax filing, Canada has 50,400,000 in Land and Buildings, but Net Assets of only 33,700,000.
    In reality, does this not indicate that Canada is negative cash-wise?

    It sounds like the WTS is reducing their assets. Maybe they don't want to appear to own more than is necessary - the Royal Commission's plan to extract money from them must have them worried.

    Does anyone know who the "commercial carrier" is who will be handling the shipments of literature? Way back in the day, it was Clayton Woodworth who profited from transporting WTS literature by using Woodworth's transport company. Who is going to profit this time?

  • tiki
    They probably get lower rates of delivered to private homes...the angle is to go the cheapest route. Maintaing the fleet probably got too pricey.
  • blondie
    So they would rather reveal the home address of a jw (and his family) rather than a building where no one lives?

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