Canadian branch getting rid of their trucks and drivers

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  • brandnew
    A fleet of trucks is high maintenance
  • KillerJones
    Sending away those who have slaved away for so many years is just plain immoral. I wonder what those brothers and sisters will recieve by way of a pension? Perhaps a little E.I.?
  • berrygerry

    Sending away those who have slaved away for so many years is just plain immoral. I wonder what those brothers and sisters will recieve by way of a pension? Perhaps a little E.I.?

    Vow of perpetual poverty.

    Only too true with WTS.

  • wannaexit
    @brandnew: I would venture that its more cost effective to outsource. But rather than tell the congregations the truth , they spin a story that they are preparing for the great tribulation and persecution and this is the reason why they want to deliver to private homes.
  • Incognito

    As I understand the WT & Awake have been printed in Canada for Canada & USA, it would seem that more trucks & drivers should be required.

    While maintenance and fuel is expensive, WT has its own mechanics and drivers (unpaid) and fuel costs are the same whether used in their own trucks or by a private carrier.

    I would expect that long haul trips would initially be full trailer loads but the load would become lighter as deliveries are completed, farther away from home base. Return trips are likely empty unless a pick-up of paper, ink or other supplies can be arranged on the way back. If travelling empty, then the trip is further overhead.

    Perhaps WT is intending to reduce/eliminate much of the printed literature, instead forcing r&f witnesses to download at least their personal materials off the website.

  • Richard_I

    Seeing the truck was a highlight as a kid, to be honest. They always had to make sure the truck was shiny after every delivery. I knew one of the drivers. I think they had two trucks and I was told the route they follow but it's been so long I've forgotten it. They go all across Canada so the driver is gone for like 2 weeks I think, but they simplified this in the last three or four years to just "distribution points" rather than multiple Kindgom Halls as it was before. Anyway that eliminates at least four people from the Bethel.

    I can't think of anything else they'll cutback on at Canada Bethel.


    I just remembered, Canada used their own trucks while the USA has been using delivery services for quite awhile now because the Canada branch found it was cheaper for us to deliver the literature ourselves using our own trucks than outsourcing to Canada Post/UPS. So this really doesn't add up anymore because as Beth Sarim posted above they'll be spending more now to have a private firm do it. It's strange.

  • Incognito
    I would expect more than 2 trucks due to WT & Awake being shipped to USA.
  • passwordprotected

    No more Book Study Groups in private homes because gas.

    They never tell the real truth behind their cost-saving* changes.

    *ditching the Book Study Group was about protecting the Org from legal challenges re. abuse in private homes.

  • berrygerry
  • Splash
    wannaexit To cover up this "worldly scheme" , they made up a story about it being better for times of persecution to have the literature delivered to private homes.

    More likely so they don't have to keep changing the logistics when they sell the kingdom halls.

    Either that or they have just realised they have been in contravention of some legal requirement and this is the best way to address it.

    Either way, having a truck full of literature turn up at someone's house instead of the kingdom hall is going to cause more problems during times of persecution, not less.

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