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  • Englishman


    I agree, absolutely no more, enough is enough.

    Mind you, take a peek at Hawaii's state flag...........

  • montag

    sorry Nicolauo but they having a 'go' at us again.
    Englishman gave a spirited defence so I'm posting it here for all to see.


    Oh, I gotta jump in here!
    Right, what you need to know is that there are essentially 2 kinds of beer. What you drink in the US is what we call lager beer. Basically, its a brew that has had the fermentation halted by being sterilised, which means it will keep more or less indefinitely as long as it remains unopened. It's a pleasant enough drink best served ice-cold.

    In our pubs we usually drink barrel beer, often just called ale or best bitter. A normal barrel holds around 20 - 40 gallons of beer, and the beer is still in a mild state of ferment, which means that it's life is limited to about a week.

    The beer is pulled up from the pubs cellar either electrically or by hand pump and served directly to the customer, usually in pints. As it is used, so the space created in the barrel contains a greater proportion of air which speeds up the fermentation of the beer. If the beer is chilled excessively, the fermentation is destroyed, and as it is this fermentation that keeps other bugs at bay - remember that as an opened barrel it is not now sterile - the beer quickly spoils.

    So there you have it, real ale is a living thing, excessive chilling will kill it, so we have it served at it's best, which is luke warm.

    And this lively Englishman certainly ain't luke warm!


  • Celtic

    We'll at least get no complete cock ups with the election voting system today!!

    UK 15 - USA 1

    England 2 Greece 0




  • SlayerLayer

    Thank you Celtic for bringing this back up the front! I haven't seen it yet.

    Americans had the sense to not wear bright red coats into battle.(Shoot me! Shoot me!) 1-point

    Dental hygene 1-point

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer ('nuff said) 5-points)

  • Englishman

    Dental Hygene?

    Well, I've just spent 500 quid - thats £££S to you - on having me gnashers made luverly to see. Methinks that you are watching some 60's stuff - a la Austin Powers - to think that we Brits cant get our gums around our plums.

    Good grief, man, some of us even shower every month whether we need to or not. LOL!

    Englishman scratching his scrotum. Least we dont have cockroaches...

    ..... fanaticism masquerading beneath a cloak of reasoned logic.

  • AGuest

    USA - President can do whatever he durn well pleases to whomever he durn well pleases in whatever room of the White House he durn well pleases, even if it embarrasses his wife and daughter to kingdom... uh, 'come'.

    BRITAIN - Rumored to have gotten rid of a princess so that the prince can have a little 'fling' and not actually shame the Queen.

    USA + 50
    BRITAIN: -18

    (No hard feelings, Brit friends. I know it ain't true, but well, this IS a game, ain't it? If it 'cuts too close'... Simon can delete...)

    SJ - on her own and feelin' 'patriotic' (yeah, right - he ain't MY president; none of 'em are... got no queens, either...)

  • JW72

    There ARE some kids in the U.K that don't take a gun to school with them!!!

    U.K 683

    U.S.A -683

    I lost count of the score so....................


  • AGuest

    Yes, Chris, that is true... BUT...

    There are some 10 year olds that kill 3 year olds... and there are your school yard massacres. Tell ya what... why not let's just say that in general, 'earthling' has the propensity to be good... OR evil... no matter WHERE he resides... and that really, how OFTEN... is 'moot'...

    and all it a draw. What'dya say?

    Peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,


  • dins

    Okay...having spent 8 years in the UK I think I can list the pros and cons of both.

    UK - Dental. It took my NHS dentist 5 minutes to clean my teeth.
    US - Spent over 1/2 hour cleaning my teeth, plus I got a free toothbrush and floss.

    UK - Weather. Never plan anything, especially on a bank holiday.
    US - Guaranteed summer.

    Things I don't miss about the UK:

    Richard Whitely
    queues, queues and more queues....
    pork pies
    brown sauce

    Things I miss about the UK:
    Stella Artois
    Indian takeaway
    Home and Away and Neighbours (for you Aussies)
    Harry Enfield (especially Wayne and Waynetta)
    Carol Vorderman
    Harrods food hall
    And the program I miss the most....

    Re-runs of Only Fools and Horses because American telly sometimes makes me feel like moving back to the UK!!!


  • Englishman


    We has a Texan lady staying with us once who was absolutely amazed to see a 3 wheeled vehicle as used in "Only fools and horses". Here it is:

    ..... fanaticism masquerading beneath a cloak of reasoned logic.

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