GeeJay at the RC: highlights, paraphrases and translations.

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  • sparrowdown

    "We don't run a spy network" lol I almost forgot that zinger.

    It seems they don't run anything much at all. The bethel elves do, whoever they are.

  • OrphanCrow
    Sparrow: ...The bethel elves do, whoever they are.

    Well, they might have their "little helpers" but I think it is time for some of my crow friends to hear about what this JW pope had to say about women and children.

    I have a list and I am checking it twice...gonna see who is naughty or nice...I have some work to do. The crows are going to hear about this.

  • sparrowdown

    Wonder what the GB collective will think of it all?

  • OrphanCrow

    Lol! Did you see Justice McClelland's face palm?

    Someplace around the :20 mark in part two. Poor McClelland, It looked like it was just too much for him!

  • jwfacts

    I attended today and had some very interesting conversations. As much as the JWs will gloat over how much better GJ did than those that preceded him, the attendants were very frustrated at his evasive and baseless answers.

    McClellan is particularly unimpressed by Watchtowers opinion of women. It will be interesting to see how he frames his recommendations.

  • barry

    Jackson said 'We are not like other churches where we go to church and just don't talk to anyone'

    Jackson was 13 when he was baptised as a JW so when did he go to another church to get that information?

    I would like to invite him to our church to show him otherwise but of course he wouldn't go would he because then he would be classified as apostate

  • tiki
    Thanks for posting all this stuff...and for asking that question. Omg....the man has a major superiority complex...coupled with a one track dense head.
  • Ozman
    Governing Body = Guardians Of Doctrine = GOD
  • prologos
    Dumplin4 hours ago Dumplin

    GJ: Women speak w/ head covering in Bible.

    Angus: How do you decide when the bible should be taken literally or interpreted?

    GJ: JWs use the bible to explain itself. For example, if a woman cannot ever literally speak, that would be ridiculous. But 1Pet 2:11,12 says not to allow a woman to teach but to remain quiet,

    Better make that 1. TIMOTHEE, and not Peter. did GJ actually say Peter? really it was Paul about Mary. the "jumping up and down" reference was I Cor 14, "asking husbands at home and not at the meeting" wt. doublespeak to hide the interpretation inconsistencies when it suits their policies.

  • oppostate
    Governing Body = Guardians Of Doctrine = GOD

    GJ was "over the top" in granting himself and the rest of his cabal interpretation privileges. He's more into the "interpretation" business than the "translation" business.

    Several times he seemed to be "clarifying" that it "takes a village" to come up with their doctrines. Some old doctrines are thrown out like the baby with the bathwater when more beneficial and profitable doctrines come along.

    To allow the Royal Commission to influence the GB's decisions is paramount to spiritual immorality, as they accuse other religions of being manipulated by governments. If we are to take their current doctrine as founded on Scripture (the "JW's constitution", how can the GB accept to be "forced" to change what they've been teaching as guided and lead by Holy Spirit?

    GJ wants all the glory and none of the accountability.

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