GeeJay at the RC: highlights, paraphrases and translations.

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  • sparrowdown

    Q: Is there anyone that has the permanent role of Coordinator or chairman?

    GeeJay: no, we rotate yearly...... (translaton) we are all Sparticus.

    GeeJay: we are a faith driven org, we are not a group of lawyers, being overly concerned with legal matters....

    Fave Quotes

    On establishing headship principle 1Cor 14: 33-35, 1 Cor 11:3

    GeeJay:...... that's talking about women not excitedly jumping up arguing with others....

    GeeJay: ......our literature has said it, and we agree!

    When being asked about the scriptural foundation of two witnesses

    GeeJay: .......I can't ask Jesus that now, but I hope to in the future.


    In defense of the headship arrangement

    GeeJay: fly a plane you need a pilot ( he obviously hasn't seen "otto" from Flying High)

  • sparrowdown
  • Dumplin

    PM(Peter McClellan): One of the concerns for survivors is having to approach three men. Government uses women as a reflection of our understanding that everyone can contribute to the common good in society.
    We recognize there is difficulty for some in approaching men. Is there room for change?

    GJ: NO room for women to be elders.

    PM: Why is that? Because of your LITERAL interpretation of the Bible?

    GJ: Vague description of pilot/copilot relationship, then said: but we have many happy women in org.

    PM: Used to be all pilots were men. Not so anymore


  • sparrowdown

    Nice catch dumplin.

    Justice Mclellan and stewart should have high fived after that one.

    Nice to know GeeJayJay is aware of all the happy Vee JayJays (women) in the borg.

  • JWdaughter
    There are female Muslim pilots from Arabia bombing ISIS. Just had to mention it. You'd think Jackson was 153 years old from some of his statements. Sounded like a backwards mullah. I wonder if he allows his wife to drive?
  • sparrowdown

    Get this woman out of here, she can't fly.

  • Dumplin

    GJ: Women speak w/ head covering in Bible.

    Angus: How do you decide when the bible should be taken literally or interpreted?

    GJ: JWs use the bible to explain itself. For example, if a woman cannot ever literally speak, that would be ridiculous. But 1Pet 2:11,12 says not to allow a woman to teach but to remain quiet, not jumping up excitedly and starting an argument (WTF?!?)...the GB tries to get a whole message from the bible.

    Yeah, like the part where the Bible says WOMEN JUMP UP EXCITEDLY AND START ARGUMENTS? Show us where Peter had that in mind!!

  • OrphanCrow

    "We are a spiritual group of men who act as guardians of our doctrine."

    "Thank you for that question!!"

    "God's spirit motivates us."

    "Thank you for that question!!"

    "We are not an organization of lawyers." ...haha! No shit, Sherlock. (or was that "lizards"?...I am pretty sure he said "lawyers")

    "The judges at the gates of Israel were only men..."

    "Thank you for that question!!"

    "We are not like other churches where they just go to church and then don't talk to each other..." !!!!????

    "Thank you for that question!!! Your Honor..."

    "I hope to be able to ask Jesus himself that question sometime in the future!"

    Oh my...I better stop for now...

    But, Sparrow, I must say, thank you for asking that question. :)

    *to add -

    I forgot two of my favorites.

    "We don't run a spy network"

    "We don't run a police state."

    "Thank you for that question..."

    Ya dummy, Jackson...nobody asked you that question...

  • sparrowdown
    I would say you're welcome OC but showing appreciation isn't my area.
  • Dumplin
    try not to get into an argument, you two! lol!

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