The Kingdom Halls are empty

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  • punkofnice

    steve2 - His holiness watchtower pope wacko jacko made a real pigs ear of his interview. It's a pity the R&F won't get chance to see the reality of the ARC.

    Angus Stewart is my new hero.

  • tornapart
    I went to a meeting recently (after missing a couple of months) and it was half empty,
  • Crazyguy
    I wonder what the percentage rate of the growth is for the Mormon church? I think a lot less young ones leave , maybe I'm wrong but if I'm right then it would be a good indicator of what percentage of young ones leave the JWs.
  • punkofnice

    tornapart - That's what I'm talking about heh heh

    crazy - Every so often we see interesting interesting

    As Angus Stewart said the WBT$ is a 'captive religion'. How many would leave if their family and friends didn't count on it?!?

  • brandnew
    On saturdays i usually take my dad to the kh, and he goes preaching , and someone will bring him home. He likes to arrive early to open the place up, and have his coffee. The past 2 saturdays he's had to call me back to get him, because nobody showed.
  • JWdaughter
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Saturday morning 1974, snow on the ground, cold as hell and I'm the field service

    overseer . I load up the family in the van hoping no one show up for service, OSU is

    playing Nebraska and it's cold. I open the KH, my son think I'm nuts, (the game is on).

    A few minutes later the friends start filing in, dressed in their snow booths and heavy coats.

    It's a few months before 1975, we must preach, forget about relaxing in your easy chair by

    a nice fire. We are close to the end, no time to waste. What BS....

  • pepperheart
    And the ones that are going are not giving enough to keep the GBin the manner they are used to,they have scrapped district oversears these past few years thats like the catholic church scrapping bishops
  • steve2

    It is one of life's cruel little paradoxes: We were closer to the end in 1974 than we are now.

    Then there was no moment to lose, no weather condition too perilous, no life constraint too arduous. Stories abounded of brothers and sisters sparing no expense in putting kingdom interests first.

    Such dedication, such single-minded vision.

    Now, there is all the time in the world, brothers and sisters pick and choose which videos to watch and when, idle bums languish beside untouched literature carts, whilst half-asleep brains play catch up on tablets and ipads. Pioneering has never been so glaringly un-pioneer-like, field service so lame and unfruitful.

    Cushioned, cacooned, stagnant, dulled, your average brother and sister has lost the zeal that truly could not last in a world defiantly refusing to play the game and end.

    Here's heralding the end that never comes, an Armageddon that petered out decades ago and a Paradise more at home in the pages of children's bedtime stories than in any future this resilient old world will ever see.

    Now really is the time to Awake!

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    "...they have scrapped district oversears these past few years thats like the catholic church scrapping bishops"

    What I've never understood about the idea of scrapping DOs is how the COs are going to get instructions from the GB. Who is above a DO, a Zone or Branch Overseer? I always thought that mid level management was necessary for any bureaucracy.

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