The Kingdom Halls are empty

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  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Are Kingdom Halls emptying? Oh, without a doubt! The congregation I reluctantly go to has 165 publisher cards. As many as 30 to 40 opt to play hooky on a very regular basis. And it's not always the same ones that miss meetings. It's like everyone rotates, which indicates it's a much bigger problem than what the numbers reflect. I know for a fact that's a problem circuit. . . district. ..nation...and worldwide!

    Without a doubt the waters are drying up among JWs.

  • sir82

    Our congregation has consistently had about 80% attendance for many years. The goal is to have 100+% in attendance, because of unbaptized, kids, Bible studies, visitors, etc. So when attendance is "80%", it really means that 1/3 or more of the publishers have skipped it.

    I think our CO must have realized it is a pointless battle.

    He just finished up his 6th (last) visit with us. In every visit, he mentioned how it was "a concern" about low meeting attendance, and he dutifully includes a comment about it in his final report, but he never offers any guidance, or suggestions, or anything, on how to fix it. He never asks why it is so low, or what anyone is doing to try to fix it. He just mentions it once, as if he is "checking off a box", and moves on.

    I wonder how many others are like him? How many other congregations are like ours?

  • punkofnice

    leaving Q - I share your joy.

    DOC - I have observed similar. The WBT$ has no care for where they shove the r&f as long as they get bums on seats.

    Phuzzy - I remember when we had large attendance back in the day too. I don't think I recall it tapering off for a while though.

    By the way Punkers, your excellent cartoon, about growth or no growth, I had an Elder actually say that to me !

    That figures! The force is strong in that sheeple.

    Giordano - I agree wholeheartedly. As I recall, it was Knorr that spouted that bilge about Jar Hoover using anti-matter at armageddon(tm).

  • punkofnice

    JWGB - Hahaha, they must have a rota for who goes missing. I like it.

    Sir82 - He never asks why it is so low, or what anyone is doing to try to fix it. He just mentions it once, as if he is "checking off a box", and moves on.

    I wonder if he dare not ask..........eeeeek apostates(tm) on the sarboard helm and such delights.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    Attendance goes up after a earthquake.
  • punkofnice
    James - Yes indeed...or some natural disaster...its a move for their own personal insurance that the big A won't follow.
  • neverendingjourney

    In my limited experience, it varies greatly in the U.S. (at least in the South) depending on whether you're talking about English or Spanish-language halls.

    When I was a child 30 years ago there were 2 English congregations and 1 Spanish congregation in my hometown. There are still 2 English congregations after all this time but there are now 4 Spanish congregations.

    The English congregations were typical in that attendance hovered around 70-80%. Attendance at Spanish congregations was always above 100%, usually 130% or so if I remember correctly.

    Churches of all kinds, particularly those that are more controlling (and often have tighter-knit communities as a result), were good resources for newly-arrived immigrants who had very few friends and family in their new location.

    Also, a lot of the growth came from JWs who relocated to the U.S from other Spanish-speaking countries. It showed up as growth on the stats, but really there was simply a lot of relocation taking place.

  • OrphanCrow
    James Mixon: Attendance goes up after a earthquake.

    And in times of political unrest. Growth occurs when people perceive that the JWs offer them sanctuary.

    For example, it has been reported that there are men in the Ukraine that are joining the JWs just to avoid conscription.

    But, back to empty Kingdom Halls. When I returned to my old home town not long ago, the KH was now some other kind of holy roller church and the JW congregation had been split to two neighboring towns - one town was 36 miles away and the other was 24 miles away.

    There are just a few die-hards left lurking around in my home town - a population of about 3500.

    However, in the town that is 36 miles north of there, there is a concerted effort to convert the Aboriginal community. Lol! I make sure that my "crow" friends up north get all the latest updates on the Royal Commission in Australia. The JW pedophile paradise is the last thing that the Aboriginals need after the horror of the Residential School system. I am going to do my best to make sure that the drive up north to fill the Kingdom Halls with brown faces gets stopped before too many more vulnerable people get hooked.

  • thedepressedsoul

    I've also noticed at my hall and halls around on the East Coast that attendance has gotten pretty bad.

    Thursday nights are horrible. We have like 40 people out of 120+. Others around the area are the same way. Thursday nights are in a very sad state.

  • punkofnice

    NEJ - Relocation. Ah, yes. that would explain a lot I imagine. Good point.

    OCrow - It's a good call to save the Aboriginals from the hell of the watchtower corporation.

    TDSoul - 40 out of 120 is terrible...or depends.

    I wonder why the halls are empty but the WBT$ boasts growth?

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