The Kingdom Halls are empty

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  • Xanthippe
    When I was in CO and assembly talks were always 'admonishing' those that said there's no love in this organisation. These people were seen as complainers and weak brothers. What the heck is wrong with wondering where the love is? Isn't that supposed to be the sign of true Christianity?
  • punkofnice

    Xan - You are correct, of course.

    That there is no love is a reflection of what is filtering down from those above in the corporation.

    An ex sister told someone I know that the organisation is 'just all corporate'.

    WBT$, your cover is blown!

  • OneEyedJoe
    Our hall isn't empty but it def isn't growing. Just very stagnant. And very old. Extrapolate out 20 years and the Borg is in major trouble.

    This is pretty much exactly what's going on in my area (though they did recently lose one seat filler, and I'm never going back!). I'd say at least half of the BOE in my wife's congregation will be senile or dead in 10 years, with relatively few prospects for replacement. There are a few MSes that will likely get appointed in a few years, but after that I think the pool will run dry. There are only a couple boys in their teens, and they demonstrate absolutely no desire to "reach out" for more obligation. Of the men between 23 (you know, mandatory MS age) and 30, none are MSes.

    The stagnation (maybe a slight ~2%ish decline in the last 5 years) in attendance is also a bad sign in itself. The suburb that the congregation is centered in is growing rapidly. 15-20 years ago, there would be a local congregation splitting every couple years. A new KH was needed pretty regularly as well. I think it's been 12 years since a KH was built anywhere nearby (my FIL is pretty high up on the RBC, and never gets an assignment within an hour's drive, and quite frequently has to drive 2-4 hours away to the build). I can't remember the last time a congregation split, but it's been well over a decade, and the last ones to split were the spanish congregations. Even the growth there seems to have stalled. When a cult can't even recruit the "fish out of water" of recent immigrants, you know they're in trouble.

  • punkofnice

    OEJ - Hopefully, the cult will not just stagnate but dry up. Another 10 years....the youth will see.

    No wonder no teens are interested in reaching out...........what does the cult offer? Nothing but a life of slavery to a hateful corporation.

  • DJS


    Two great statements: "I have observed myself, that those that genuinely want to show love within the congregations are the first ones to leave the cult." AND

    "That there is no love is a reflection of what is filtering down from those above in the corporation."

    Over a period of several years, these two issues began eating at me, to the point that it was apparent that the problems were not with individual men in the congregations - they were caused by the leaders in Brooklyn.

    Every organization gets exactly the type of management it desires, and the Dark Lords are no different. Those who excelled in the Dark Tower were typically the task masters, those who cared more about the 'company' than individual sheep, and the mini-me Legalists and Pharisees - exactly like the Dark Lords.

    These two issues you identify were the catalyst to my questioning, along with the oppressive control.

  • punkofnice

    DJS - Thanks. they used to say (might still do), that each congregation has its own personality based on its BOE.

    I think that applies to the organisation as a whole. Hateful pigs in control makes for a hateful organisation over all.

  • leaving_quietly
    The hall I attend (less frequently now) isn't empty. Fuller than ever. Of course, the congregation that shares the KH with our congregation is emptying. Something big happened over there and a bunch of people just left and started going to other halls. Our got an influx of wounded, pissed off people. Great. Just great.
  • DesirousOfChange

    They've been rejoining congs that were split past few years in these parts ..

    In 100 mile radius here, I know of at least 7 congs that have been closed in the past 5 years. Some where congs were merged/joined but at least 4 of those KH sold and pubs sent off to nearby Halls.


  • Phizzy

    When I left, in 2008 what had been my original Congo was already two. The orig. Congo used to get around 160 on a Sunday. (Out of a possible 210-220).

    I wish I knew of a way to find out what the average Sunday attendance is now, nearly 8 years later.

    I think it would be far more interesting to see a whole Circuit's actual attendance on an average Sunday, and be able to compare that with 5 years ago.

    I would be willing to bet a shilling or two there has been no real growth.

    By the way Punkers, your excellent cartoon, about growth or no growth, I had an Elder actually say that to me ! The growth encouraged him he said, but if it stopped that would encourage him too, because the End would be near ! Win-win for someone with that kind of "logic".

  • Giordano

    Hateful pigs in control makes for a hateful organisation over all.

    "That there is no love is a reflection of what is filtering down from those above in the corporation."

    I agree with both statements. Consider who was and is the leadership. suits, broken marriage, nonsense 19 century beliefs that still dominate the thinking of JW's today.

    Rutherford, a drunk, drives the Bible Students away.... the WT and Golden age becomes racist and hateful..........Rutherford curies favor with Hitler, also has a broken marriage, wife and son don't even attend his funeral.

    Knorr an uneducated company man was followed by Franz.......... between them the most hateful and damaging doctrines were evolved and presented as truth. Anti Vaccines and transplants, Blood and shunning. Together they were responsible for thousands of needless deaths.

    Since Knorr died and Freddy went bat shit crazy the Society has continued to proceed recklessly with the health, wealth and education of its followers.

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