The Kingdom Halls are empty

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  • SecretSlaveClass
    However, in the town that is 36 miles north of there, there is a concerted effort to convert the Aboriginal community. Lol! I make sure that my "crow" friends up north get all the latest updates on the Royal Commission in Australia. The JW pedophile paradise is the last thing that the Aboriginals need after the horror of the Residential School system. I am going to do my best to make sure that the drive up north to fill the Kingdom Halls with brown faces gets stopped before too many more vulnerable people get hooked.

    Good for you! Indeed a worthy crusade, spreading the anti-Org vaccine.

  • WTWizard

    I hope they stay declining. The last thing I want to see is a hockey stick come September 17 (or 18, depending on where you are when Saturn re-enters Sagittarius). Those return to joke-hova brochures, plus offers for a study in the God's Tyranny book, could entice too many back. For those with IQs above 100, those offers might come with court order threats, now that Saturn in Sagittarius favors cults. (Along with the vow of obedience everyone took at baptism).

    We will see come December 2017, when Saturn finally leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn.

  • punkofnice
    WTWiz - There are always suckers out there. Probably if they left one dreary cult some would join other lousy cults. I think that leaving the WBT$ left me incapable of believeing in anything anymore.
  • Bugbear

    In my home KH, (left 15years ago) there were in or about 60 publishers. We decided to build a new KH. The first two years attendances were at least about 45-50 each meeting. This was 1990. Today same KH, but only 20-25 attendances, mostly very old people. This in a city in the midst of Sweden, with 20.000 citizens. I´ll bet they will close and sell this KH for at least EUR 250.000:-. 100% of this KH was built with the money and labor that these “oldies” gave away to the Kingdom of God. I wonder what the feel when they realize that next meeting will be in another city 100 kms/away.


  • punkofnice
    bugbear - where there is money, the GB will leech it away.
  • Dismissing servant
    Dismissing servant

    You probably know that the society has sold quite a lot of buildings/kindom halls in yes, it would probably be sold.

    The big KH in Orebro is now an islamic center(mosque) and The big one in Göteborg/Angered is now an islamic school (if I rememer it right).

    And the Bethel in Arboga is now sold aswell as the assembly hall in Stragnas.

  • punkofnice

    DisServ - Amazes me how they dedicate the Kingdom Hells to the worship of Jar Hoover then sell them to other religions. It's all pomp and ceremony for the drones to feel special.

    The K Hell I used to attend is now a pentecostal church.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Hello, is there anybody in here? Echo - Hello, is there anybody...

  • punkofnice
    VillId - someone lef the TV on....wait is that Lett gurning?
  • Splash

    When we dedicate our lives to Jehovah, there's no going back.

    Seems it's different when we dedicate a kingdom hall to Jehovah.

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