I believe that the greater percentage of JWs-You Will Not Be Able to Help, no Matter What Facts You Show Them.

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  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    So I ran into this brother whom I’ve known for a while and the conversation led into me being invited to come back to the Kingdom Hall. We talked for about an hour during which time I explained to him 607 being the wrong date and a lot of other stuff including the child abuse cases in Australia. But what I wanted to relate was the last few minutes of our conversation. I will write as best as I can remember.

    So these were his final words to me:

    I’ve seen many apostates’ sites, don’t think we are not aware, but I want you to know that other families in the Kingdom Hall that we know are very much aware of several ex-jw sites. And we've gotten together and talked about it and have considered our options. You can't help but see them on the internet.

    Let’s say you are right. Let’s say 607 BC is the wrong date and let’s say the child abuse stuff in Australia is right and we leave the Watchtower, then what, what do you or any apostates have to offer. Do you have an answer why there is so much wickedness? Do you have a solution to stop sickness, suffering, and most of all death?

    You and all apostates have nothing to offer. You have no answer as to why we were put on this earth and where we are headed. Most of you think this life is all there is. You debate among yourselves whether humans evolved or if they are in some type of computer simulation.

    So when your parents or children die, all you have is these great memories for a short while. Then a few years will pass and those memories will die, because most of you believe this life is all there is. That is the saddest thing a human can believe.

    It’s true that the WT doesn’t have all the answers, but neither do you. Perhaps they speculate, but so do you. And yes there are bad people in the organization, but show me an organization that doesn’t have bad people. It’s not just the WT that has bad people but all religious organization have bad people that exploit others. But that’s not all, you have Universities like Penn State, you have corrupt policemen, dirty politicians, and why don’t you google “fraud charities,” and see how many corrupt charities you get.

    On top of this the Bible shows very plainly that there was bad people causing heartache and suffering to individuals within the nation of Israel? Saul was bad, David was bad, Solomon died bad, in fact there were probably only one or two good kings in the entire Bible. Weren’t we told in the Bible that there would be lots of people having a form of godly devotion but proving false to it power? Well that's what's happening.

    And if the end doesn’t come in my time and I die, how do you think I will feel if the last few moments of my life I see my wife and children and Know in my heart that I will see them again. Do you know the comfort that I will feel on my death bed knowing this? Or if I see one of my children or my wife dying before my eyes, do you even understand the comfort that I will have knowing that I will see them again. It’s a big deal to die with a wonderful hope rather than dying believing this life is all there is.

    So don’t try to convince me to leave the Organization. If I want to leave, I will leave on my own; I don’t need anyone to help me. And it won’t matter how many facts you put in front of me because facts won’t change my mind. I mean if someone brought you facts that your son killed someone and your son denied it, only to be found out later that he was lying, would those facts that were brought to your attention stop you from believing in your son if he told you he was sorry and wanted to right the wrong and needed your help. Would facts make you turn on him?

    So you can show me facts about 607 and you can show me all the failed prophesies, and point to all those covering child abuse but it’s not going to change what I believe. What I believe has a ring of truth. Me and my family are happy where we’re at and we don’t need to investigate or research anything anymore. I met my wife in the organization, been married 15 years and she’s great. I have two great kids, have a job, home, -----what else do I need? Why would I want to disrupt that?

    And if we are wrong and you are right, we will never know- will we? Because once we die, neither of us will be able to gloat that we were right.

    So listen, if you want to stay out---- then stay out. I won’t invite you again to come back. But at the same time don’t try to get me or any one in my family out of the WT because all you will do is disrupt the peace we have.

    We talked a little more and he shook my hand and we both parted.

  • cultBgone
    Wow. "...facts won't change my mind."
  • Brighid

    He is right - if he wants to stay in, that's his business (he did make it your business, however, when HE approached you about coming back). Secondly, will he graciously and without a moments hesitation extend the same courtesy of leaving alone to a Catholic, atheist, pagan, protestant the next time he knocks on their door UNINVITED?

    Third, if he has children, will they be completely free to follow the or own spiritual path w/out any interference? Not to mention, will they have the choice of not being placed in harm's way via a covered up pedophile or not being given blood in an emergency?

  • opusdei1972

    what do you or any apostates have to offer. Do you have an answer why there is so much wickedness? Do you have a solution to stop sickness, suffering, and most of all death?

    So, according to that guy, we must to follow seven stupid elders who work in NY city because they publish answers about how a mythological god will appoint them as kings over the earth for 1000 years, so as to stop suffering and sickness.


    And it won’t matter how many facts you put in front of me because facts won’t change my mind.

    Image result for Jehovahs witness logo...Image result for don`t confuse the issue with facts...Image result for Head up ass

  • OnTheWayOut

    So everything that Watchtower says that can be proven wrong has been proven wrong, but everything that has no absolute proof that would be acceptable to this guy, like how man is only 6065 years old and Armageddon has been right around the next corner since 1914, is still right.

    And regardless of how it isn't just a few bad men in the organization, but it is the Governing Body's policies and contributions to coverups that caused the pedophile problem, he will just say there's bad people everywhere.

  • opusdei1972

    It’s a big deal to die with a wonderful hope rather than dying believing this life is all there is.

    So, this is why the organization loves to sacrifice infants by the blood ban, only to satisfy the vagaries of a Jehovah's seer: Fred Franz.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Yeah, that is a pretty disheartening conversation, JOHN AQUILA.

    But in the end if someone wants that crap, by all means they can have at it.

  • brandnew
    Your so right on the way out........just dumblinded
  • blondie

    That is why I have used the motto, "Don't confuse me with the facts," when considering doctrinal errors and lies. It did not sway me much but personal experience with the lack of love over and over did convince me, I was finally unable to ignore it. How often can someone slap you in the face before you realize that you have to get out of slapping range?

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