I believe that the greater percentage of JWs-You Will Not Be Able to Help, no Matter What Facts You Show Them.

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  • opusdei1972

    So you can show me facts about 607 and you can show me all the failed prophesies, and point to all those covering child abuse but it’s not going to change what I believe. What I believe has a ring of truth. Me and my family are happy where we’re at and we don’t need to investigate or research anything anymore. I met my wife in the organization, been married 15 years and she’s great. I have two great kids, have a job, home, -----what else do I need? Why would I want to disrupt that?

    Ok, accordingly, stop preaching lies door by door and stop saying that your religion is the only truth. Stop disrupting people by claiming that they will be killed by Jehovah if they do not belong to your organization.

  • Diogenesister
    Secondly, will he graciously and without a moments hesitation extend the same courtesy of leaving alone to a Catholic, atheist, pagan, protestant the next time he knocks on their door UNINVITED?

    Brighid got it bang on, if his children excercize, similarly,their right to freely choose the peace of his home will abruptly cease and misery will reign for the short time they do have left to each other. Also, can he guarantee the householder he converts with cunning and falsehood will not be utterly mierable should he be unable to live up to their primative doctrine.

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila
    breakfast of champions

    Yeah, that is a pretty disheartening conversation, JOHN AQUILA.

    But in the end if someone wants that crap, by all means they can have at it.

    I agree, I think I've had it trying to help these people.

  • SecretSlaveClass

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. The real zombies are so desperate in their need for salvation and an after life, any suggestion that death of as the final outcome is terrifying. They would rather hang on to an illusion and lie to their children (depriving their kids of a chance at a full, meaningful life) than admitt that like all things on this planet - even mountains - they will succumb to time. The mentality of clinging to a lie is almost impossible for the most enquiring mind to comprehend.

    By the way, the fact that their cult is based on a foundation of lies means they aren't offering anything either other than lies. And they want to go door to door and lie about a false hope and deprive others of a shot at a fulfilling life.

    Forget them, let them waste the only life they have in favor of the belief they'll get an eternal pass to Disneyland. I would rather spend my time helping those seeking reality and warning those not in the Org yet not to fall for their sadisctic jargon.

  • Diogenesister
    John Aquila I wonder if he will want you and your proofs to leave him be when his child is diagnosed with leukeamia.
  • azor

    I wish I had this kind of info before my child was diagnosed with leukemia.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    All I can do is sigh, and shake my head....

  • JamesThomas

    I agree with the main statement of this thread.

    A person's religion is often the foundation of their paradigm or their "reality and identity".

    They are not going to look outside their little bubble-of-self – unless there is something that they have already observed themselves that has caused a crack to allow a little light through. Without the crack, nothing we can say will make them shoot their false-sense of reality/self, in the head.

  • 3rdgen

    I agree that ignorance is truly bliss as a dub IF you skate on the surface mentally, have a strong social circle and manage to escape personal attacks on your family or yourself. Your friend is right that learning TTATT "disrupts the peace" Unless a person is fed up and disgusted with the religion they are better off living in their fairy tale world.

    As a person who saw my father, four really close cousins, and my 21 year old son die while still a true believer, I can assure your friend that the hope of seeing them again was of ABSOLUTELY NO COMFORT to me. Grief is grief period.

    I also witnessed both of my staunch MILS on their deathbeds dejected that they did not live to see paradise. They were so sure they would never die "in this system" (tm) that they made no preparations for the inevitable. I'm guessing your friend has not lived long enough to actually have his faith tested.

  • The Marvster
    The Marvster

    I only got half way through the brother's response and to me, it is basically an indictment on the JW belief system and doctrine...

    What if all he said was correct?, then that would mean that all the time we all spent in the 'TRUTH' was a lie, there is no truth, there is only speculation, yet JW's will continue to go door to door and tell people they have the TRUTH and know what is going to happen.... isn't this just desperately holding onto 'anything', just to believe? what if there were no end to sickness? what if there were no end to death? what if one day humanity will be extinguished like a candle? it seems that JW's would rather believe ANYTHING, than consider that possibility. So they are prepared to 'give up their lives in the present' for a future they have no way of knowing will happen, and rather than being honest and saying 'we don't really know', they instead call it 'truth'.... and even though this brother 'might' be willing to admit that the GB have got it wrong several times, him and the group is with will STILL BELIEVE...

    in recent weeks I've been posting responses on youtube after watching many ex JW videos, and reading JW defenses, and especially after watching segments of the Australia RC, I came to the conclusion that JW's aren't interested in TRUTH.... they are interested in something else, maybe 'hope', or something else that might insulate them from the 'unthinkable', that this might be it, or that they could be wrong, or that all the other religions have are no less right or wrong than they are...

    they don't care for truth all they care about is protecting the belief system, if they really cared for truth then wouldn't they be asking lots of questions when the previous 'truths' got changed by the 'Guardians of Doctrine' several times? yet most just keep quiet and accept the new truth and ignore the fact that what came before was not truth at all. The only important thing is to maintain the belief structure. Man, I was so wrong, when i was among them I felt that I had too many doubts and 'the majority' really believed in truth.... it's saddening...

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