I believe that the greater percentage of JWs-You Will Not Be Able to Help, no Matter What Facts You Show Them.

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  • Bonsai
    It's not so hard to understand. Humans have been ridonkulously superstitious and fearful of death since the beginning. JWism is just an evolution of beliefs built up over time. There will always be that element of society that chooses to be dominated by wishful thinking and wish to subject their lives to imaginary fairies and flying spaghetti monsters. Some people can't accept their mortality. They can't accept that life only has meaning through the hard work you put into it. They want the easy way. Ihey want a quick trip to Valhalla.
  • FayeDunaway
    I don't know what's so blissful about living every day being told all that is wrong with the world (with a total avoidance of all that is right in the world) and that everyone you work with and go to school with is going to die a horrible death because they're not your religion, and you better not deeply pursue your talents and interests and passions, because you will just feel guilty you're not doing more for jehovah, and you better not have any goals for your life that take more than two years to complete, because that's not being spiritual, and you better not question what we say or keep your mind open to anything, and you better not throw a big party or wedding because who knows what will happen, and you better not read that science book because it contradicts what we say and you have to wear THESE clothes and spend your time THIS way and read THIS book and marry THIS person or else you will die.
  • SecretSlaveClass
    Bonsai: It's not the innate need to believe that's hard to understand. Most people want to and do believe in something. It's the fervent adherence to the lie when comcrete facts made available prove the contrary which is difficult to comprehend, at least that's my view. I know I've had to shed many ideas or teachings I at one time thought to be factual only to find out that other evidence outweighed my held notions. If I can be receptive to new facts, why can't others?
  • Illuminated
    they don't care for truth all they care about is protecting the belief system, if they really cared for truth then wouldn't they be asking lots of questions when the previous 'truths' got changed by the 'Guardians of Doctrine' several times?

    Guardians of Doctrine, oh gosh... Laughing here loudly. That calls for one hilarious Halloween costume. Too bad it'd be unrecognizable.

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    I'm guessing your friend has not lived long enough to actually have his faith tested.

    That’s absolutely true. No blood issue, no life and death matter that involves choosing their organization or one of their family members.

    I'm just sick of trying to help them wake up. I have had it, I'm done. They need to wake up on their own just like me.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Outlaw's picture on the first page is spot on, here.

    Well done, John Aquila, for remembering these words in the OP.

    "What do apostates have to offer" shows this brother is not living in the real world, I'm afraid.

    Science has given us knowledge for a healthy diet, vaccinations, antibiotics, etc. but it doesn't offer everlasting life because this isn't possible. Science accepts this; religion does not.

    I agree with you. Most JWs are beyond help because they are looking for something that doesn't - cannot - exist: a panda-petting paradise on Earth.

  • paradisebeauty

    It's not like they invented the Bible. Nor do they own it.

    The hope and the answers for humankind are in the Bible. But you get to live free, make your own decisions, not have a bunch of people try to control every aspect of your life.

    Christianity is a religion of freedom and they made it a controlling cult.

    Yes, it might be difficult alone. People might not understand your hope and your faith. But can you really find understanding in the organization?

    I do not think so. Yes, you can socialize with some kind people, but I don't know if they are much better than the average person out there. There are situations when you can not really trust anyone in the org and you can not express yourself.

    There are pros and cons for being inside and the same for being outside.

    But I prefer freedom over fakeness.

    I think there are some who continue to believe or to want to believe that this org is the only one because this thought is good for their ego. They are the ones who understood and are a part of the one and only org.

    I don't understand the ones who stay in for the social life... there are so many decent, moral and human people out there. It all comes down to paying attention to people, being friendly, trying to get to know them and establish a relationship with the ones you like.

  • sparrowdown

    I realized early on in my waking up process that others will only wake up in their own time in their own way.

    Just as I had to. It is incredibly frustrating when you see the potential for a normal relationship, but it is not possible

    due to the indoctrination. No easy answers, unfortunately.

  • Bonsai

    Secretslaveclass, I get what you are saying and I am perplexed as well.

    If I can be receptive to new facts, why can't others?

    As we have all come to know so well, The GB demonize all new facts that don't come from them and their literature. I feel pity for the JW stuck in fear of the GB just as the North Koreans are afraid of the regime, or the Japanese were afraid of the imperial government. We've overcome our fear and are free, but we must try to be patient with other JW's who haven't woken up. It's a process I think.

    John Aquila, don't stress yourself out. Don't let their buffoonery rob you of your joy and energy.

  • Brighid
    You know what? It's like we all really believed (I mean really believed) in the the Truth; the importance of "making sure of all things", the imperative to tell worldly householders that what they had was "false religion" and to get out of Babylon the Great, lest they share in her sins. We believed so very much in the sanctity and importance of the Truth that when we found out it was absolutely not the Truth, we did exactly as they taught us to do: reject the lies, get out of Her (false religion), and tell as many people as you can to get out of Her... lest they share in Her sins and Her demise.

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