Geoffrey Jackson - Royal Commission Live Hearing Now!

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  • umbertoecho
    dubstepped, What scripture is that. Was it can't remember her name and I know who you are talking about. She held great authority..........Damn, what's her name. I'll send it straight off if I find out.
  • Dumplin

    I've read better articles than this about women appointed by God in the Bible, but this one highlights it pretty well. I think Angus needs to direct this question at GJ - what about these women who had authority in the Bible?

  • Ding
    The GB aren't used to being held accountable for anything by anyone, let alone by people who have studied WT publications and know the inconsistencies.
  • OrphanCrow
    Umber: She held great authority..........Damn, what's her name. I'll send it straight off if I find out.

    Judge Deborah.

    Judges 5, I think.

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds
    drewcoul: That's a really good point. The elders have ONE RULE for child abuse: CALL LEGAL. Nothing about conscience. Call legal and do exactly what they tell you so the WTS doesn't get sued.
  • veen

    It is interesting how if someone makes an accusation of extramarital sex taking place they are believed, so long as they have someone to back them up. I know of situations where people have been followed, and the follower, usually a jilted ex, has taken someone along in order to corroborate their story, like a pair of detectives.

    But if a child calls someone out for abusing them, the default position has been to assume the child is a liar.

    Why kids would go around making stories up about sexual encounters with adults so frequently is beyond me. Being brought up as a witness, I think a child would feel they had to tell of the sexual encounter for fear they would die at Armageddon, because they would be blood guilty for not confessing the sin.

  • Dumplin
    Orphan I just posted an article that lists them all.
  • dubstepped


    I thought the same thing. Jackson was using it as a chance to witness about the size of the organization and the supposed brotherhood where elders know and care about all of their sheep (never seen it). Blah, blah, blah, just a lot of fluff and McLellan get sick of it.

    I love how Jackson gets mad when Angus doesn't follow along as he goes on his long diatribes with scriptures about something that doesn't answer the question asked anyway. Angus is shuffling papers and preparing his next point as Jackson attempts to dazzle them, and then Jackson gets mad and questions whether or not Angus can hear him. You're not so worshiped on this stage, eh Mr. Jackson? You can't get away with deflection so easily, can you? I love how they call him out for not answering direct questions, though honestly I think they're giving him too much leeway to dodge and divert with his "explanations" of things that frankly aren't often even relevant. He's trying to take control of the hearing with his long forays into other topics to divert and delay. I'm glad that it isn't working.

    Oh, and sorry, but I can't remember the various female judges off the top of my head. I'm terrible with Bible stories. My wife was talking about it while we were watching, but she went to bed, where I need to head off to myself. I want to stay up but can't pay for it tomorrow at work.

  • bavman

    It would seem that Mr. Jackson finds the bible's principles to be very contradictory which keeps the governing body from making regulations to follow that everyone finds to be common sense in this day and age. Therefore he is begging for a trump card to be laid by the government to make law what is common sense.

    Being subject to the authorities is the trump card they need. Jehovah's spirit isn't leading in any progressive way at all. It will be the government representing the people who have to do the leading. Another case of the bible just getting in the way. Time to forget about it and start using common sense.

    Makes you wonder how far this could be pushed and what other decisions could the government take out of the hands of the governing body.

  • umbertoecho

    Well if there are a pile of people with Jackson right now.... Iv'e got all of you in my house......

    So there...Geoffrey

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