Geoffrey Jackson - Royal Commission Live Hearing Now!

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  • Dumplin

    This was a revealing interchange:

    Angus: Deut 22:23-27 There was no other witness when she was raped.

    GJ: but there were circumstances

    Angus: yes - the circumstance was she was raped in the field. So is the scriptural basis really so solid for your 2 witness rule?

    GJ: Cimcumstances can be the 2nd witness.

    Angus: And yet, however, there needn't be a 2nd witness in the case of adultery to be determined according to your Elder Handbook.

    This contradiction I don't think GJ had thought too much about.

  • oppostate

    The trouble to the two witness exception of a female raped in a field is negated by Pauls counsel not to accept accusation against an elder unless there are two or three witnesses.

    "Do not listen to an accusation against an elder unless it is confirmed by two or three witnesses." (1 Tim. 5:19, NLT)

    But Jackson seems to say that the circumstances are yet another witness. Never heard it put that way before. But this just goes to show how their interpretation can make just about any verse mean whatever they want it to mean.

  • fiddler
    I am so amazed at Angus's ability to 'laser in' on the points that needed to be made! I was, before Angus started in on the Deuteronomy scriptures, getting really weary of GJ quoting cherry picked scripture after cherry picked scripture like he was standing at a door (in the old days...they don't do that anymore) preaching. Yes, Angus can weild the 'silver sword' just as well. The Bible really is like an old fiddle you can play any tune on...I oughta know! I've played both the Bible and a fiddle!
  • umbertoecho

    Go straight to the" Royal Commission for child sexual abuse case 29 type in live feed."

    Just use those words and google or whatever will take you to the site.....make sure you see

    They have convened for lunch right now. Stewart set Jackson up so well just now. McClellan became impatient with Jackson for dodging the question.

  • Stirred
    If they are so "advanced" (ahem) in this policy which GJ begs practically for mandatory Reporting laws ro circumvent these perpetrator-protecting JW policies, it begs the question, What other government commission can we call on to inquire about such arcane policies as blood, shunning, etc.
  • umbertoecho

    I was worried at first, for I thought they were going to let him witness to them. Then I remembered how slowly they started the first time.

    As Angus said......." Yes, well. We'll just go point by point for now..."

    It put Mr Jackson back where he needed to be as he was so utterly smug at first.

  • OrphanCrow

    Jackson was so insulting in many places. He took some pretty nasty shots at the Commission.

    He is really in for it. Justice McClelland and Angus Stewart are not going to take his insults lying down.

    Jackson is hanging himself and he thinks he is winning. His pathetic weapon readily available - the silver sword. He better watch for the backside of that blade - he is bleeding all over the place.

  • truthseekeriam

    Okay, my family officially thinks I'm nuts after watching me scream at my iPod followed by excessive head nodding and laughter!!

    I absolutely love how the Aussies are handling this :)

  • drewcoul
    Jackson said that an Elder's conscience should move them to notify the authorities if they thought the other children could be in danger. Shouldn't the Holy-Spirit appointed elder know this already and not need directive from the society?
  • troubled mind
    troubled mind
    I love to watch Angus maneuver the testimony ....he gets them right where he wants them . This Jackson at least is not as dumb as the other Elders appeared. I did notice several times him getting a bit smug ,but not by the end by then he was realizing this commission will be no push over .

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