Geoffrey Jackson - Royal Commission Live Hearing Now!

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  • oppostate

    Jackson said several times that they don't have a doctrine police who searches out wrong doing.

    Well, what about sitting in a car stalking publishers who are suspected of of breaking rules? Driving by a member's house to see if they have Christmas decorations up, or if their car was parked outside someone's house all night?

    So all faders, keep this video handy for when a bunch of nosey elders start getting judicial with you, you can get all Geoffrey Jackson on their asses.

    It's so obvious to someone who's been in that this guy, Jackson, is either not acquainted with actual JW elders' practice or is being deceptive about what actually takes place.

  • TheListener

    I think because so many JW rules are not written down it's easier for them to try and make themselves sound reasonable. That's why we can call BS on so much of what Jackson says because JW rules are not reasonable in practice.

  • EdenOne

    Angus Stewart is brilliant.

    Towards the end of part 1 of the video, he establishes a parallel between the situation described in Deuteronomy, where a woman is raped in the field. She screams but no one listened, so she is exempted from guilt, while the man is stoned to death. Angus questions: Where is the second witness to this crime? After all, the woman screams and no one listened so to come to her help. Jackson was truly uncomfortable at this point. All he could mutter was "Well...there would be circumstances..." Angus then asked him, if Jesus, who made reference to the two witnesses rule on Matthew 18, would also concede the same exception as in the case of the woman raped in the field. "That is a question I would like to do to Jesus's hypothetical", Jackson said.

    He also referred to the Elder's manual about the use of circumstantial evidence to establish a sin, such as the case where a man is found guilty of adultery after being seen spending the night alone at the house of someone of the opposite sex or a known homosexual.

    Then Angus drove the point home. He asked if there would be any possibility that the Jehovah's Witnesses would be willing to consider likewise "circumstantial evidence" and "opportunity of sexual abuse to take place" as the second witness [he gave the example of a child's trauma] to establish the credibility of a case of an allegation of child abuse. Jackson, after much squirming, conceded that the possibility of a 'second witness' requirement could be fulfilled by circumstantial or corroborating evidence is something the Governing Body is willing to reconsider.


  • FreeGirl2006
    His "heartfelt" plea of love and concern toward the one victim almost made me puke. Actions speak louder than words.
  • nugget

    Listened to the whole of Mr Jackson's testimony. Whenever he lied which was more than once he would state that something wasn't his area of expertise.

    Apparently JW parents are not told corporal punishment is ok which is news to most of us. You can leave JW religion and not be DF'd or have to DA. They do not police people who are attempting to fade away. All lies.

    The RC is very well informed and the questions they asked touched on a number of sensitive areas. Mr Jackson did not do as well as he thought he did. It is worth taking the time to listen to.

  • Vidiot

    Splash - "Geoffrey Jackson says that a fader who celebrates Christmas (as an example) will not be subject to a JC..."

    'Course not.

    An "offense" like that will now be classified as a "disassociating" action, like accepting a transfusion or whistleblowing... no JC required.

    I said this the other day, but at the rate they're reclassifying things as "disassociating" actions, they're gonna outnumber disfellowhipping offenses before too long.

  • username
    The research Angus Stewart has put in is nothing short of aw inspiring. My favorite had to be Angus stating he already had the scripture before Jackson and also the judge actually using theocratic warfare towards Jackson. I love them all and would love to meet them in person one day to shake their hands.
  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I totally agree username. i also loved when Mr. Stewart gave Jackson the page number in the Bible.

    I have such respect for both the Judge and Mr. Stewart.


  • Vidiot
    I said this last week, but I suspect there are at least one or two XJWs working behind the scenes on the Commission's team...

    ...unless you count all of us. Then there's f**king hundreds.

  • Crazyguy
    Can it be said that the holy Spirit was not on the side of the jws at the Royal commission, lol

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