Won't get fooled again ...Moon Landing.

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  • freemindfade

    I have a awesome and hilarious update for this madness to stir the pot. I will wait until I have a proper moment to type it out.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Going back and reading my O.P I realise I may have missed the answer to a question i asked:-

    When the astrotaughts left the moon, the flag they planted was standing.

    ( Q) Do we have any evidence from any verifiable sources the flag is still standing?

    The Rebel.

  • freemindfade

    True story,

    Last night I am out with two lovely Russian ladies, in their early early 40's, and Russian Russian. They were talk about the ol days of the soviet union, ussr etc. and all of the sudden I was like wait! I have to ask you something!

    I said I had been part of a debate, and I wanted to get their opinion because of their unique position of being crazy Russian ladies. I said the apollo 11 moon landing, what is the Russian consensus on that?

    Oh boy, they let me have it! "Never happened" "such bullshit" "Just a fake movie" "Russians don't believe it". lol.

    wow. Now again I am not suggesting they are right, just presenting more of my own research into the matter. But I can tell you they were pretty damn adamant Russian don't believe it. anyway, that was fun

  • Viviane
    That will put the debate to bed.

    Uninformed, uneducated opinion vs. fact, education on the subject, education on the science and mountains of evidence do not a debate make.

    Now again I am not suggesting they are right, just presenting more of my own research into the matter

    That's no more research than asking two rebel flag carrying, gun toting, tobacco chewing skinheads from Mississippi what they think of inter-racial marriage and thinking that in any way represents anything other than their own stupidity.

  • freemindfade

    awww come on viv I thought it was funny, I was also drinking and cavorting too, pretty sure that doesn't fit the research criteria as well

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    That's a great story freemindfade fade. Reminded me of the film SMOKE by Paul Auster. which finished with the the writer writiting his friends made up " Christmas story"

    The writer played by ( I forget) said " Bullshit" but you tell a great story."I can't remember the lines off the top of my head,but that was an under appreciated film with Harvey Kietel, whose character told a beautiful story of " Bullshit"

    The key word Auster used in the film script of SMOKE was also the key word in your post " Bullshit" and if you watch the film you will appreciate " Bullshit" is to be respected and it is also often quite valid.

    Your post made a " Paul Auster" point, debating can be both educational and fun.

    The Rebel.

  • freemindfade

    While you are home doing real moon research vivian pumpkin, I am freemindfade, man about town, drinking old fashioned's with gorgeous exotic blonde Ruskies

    pretty sure one of them is a spy though, but thats another story all together...

  • kepler

    Just thought I'd stop by to see how this discussion is progressing.

    Reflecting on "confirmation bias", I suppose one way to avoid it is to argue for a while from the opposite side. And that often does happen in any prolonged investigation. But in this case we already have a good share of such advocates for whatever reason. So I won't bother.

    On the matter of evidence. I find rather awkward the silence of the competitors of the United States on this matter. Perhaps in the late 1960s they were oddly silent about Moon Landings in China or the Soviet Union, but I have met scientists and engineers from both countries, especially the former, who were engaged in the same activities, including the cosmonaut ( Aleksei Leonov) who was charged with performing the same task - and also one of the lead officials of the Soviet Space agency who gave his account of their own effort. Among these individuals, and especially during tours, they pointed out the hardware they were going to use, recounted their successes and failures. And they clearly acknowledged that the US lunar landing was real.

    A few moments ago I was looking at surface pictures at the lunar landing sites


    I don't believe all the sources for the images are the same, because there are now several international missions taking photos of the moon. Sometimes at recent lunar and planetary sciences conferences you could watch the images in real time.

    One of the most dramatic such images I have ever seen from space a spacecraft was a Mars Orbiter image of a Mars lander (Curiosity?) in mid flight descent toward landing at Gale Crater. Subsequently other Mars lander images were identified as well. You would think that the same thing could be done with the moon; and like surface explorations on Mars, beside the images of the lander stages, science packages and even flags, there are tracks on the lunar surface showing the paths of the lunar rovers in which the astronauts traversed subsequent landing sites.

    Detailed accounts of the missions can be found in NASA special reports which have been collected by Apogee Books...

    Though I suspect there are probably still some nation states that do not acknowledge that these events had ever occurred. Some just might not have much stake in the outcome either way. But maybe one might have some of their own know how, mythology and vested interest against - e.g., North Korea.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Viviane, thanks for the reply.

    Could you answer my question ( without making me feel 2ft tall)

    ( Q ) Do we have any evidence from verifiable sources the flag is still standings?

    Now I have got to rush as I am pickniking with my boy and other half in the park....( if I were on a bible study my priorities may have been different)

    The Rebel.

  • freemindfade

    North Korea who just made designated their own time zone? lol You might be right about that, they probably state that America did not make it to the moon in 1969, it was in fact Kim Jong Un had used a time machine to go back and do it himself.

    And that is pretty cool you got to meet Aleksei Leonov, very nice post Kepler.

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