Won't get fooled again ...Moon Landing.

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  • DJS

    BULLSHIT: "10 years ago any who said the NSA was spying was a kook." Anyone with any knowledge of the manner in which intel was and is gathered at the national and international levels KNEW the NSA was spying on anyone they could spy on and in any manner they could get away with. And the Russians and Japanese and Chinese and French and Germans were and are doing the same thing.

    The US is just better at it. And those of us who know more than a little bit about this (I developed and taught an Intelligence Analysis course at one of the local colleges a few years ago - the course was put together with the assistance of the US Military Academy (West Point) Lt. Colonel who taught the same course there)), knew that they would play havoc with the Patriot Act. They did. It wasn't surprising.

    Ad hominem doesn't factor when someone asks you what your bona fides are after you make definitive statements about technical and scientific issues. That is called proper debating.

    I will ask you again; what advanced degrees and what specific experience do you have that supports your definitive statements. I've partially shown you mine; show me yours.

  • CalebInFloroda


    Hi there, fellow Floridian! Hope you have survived the rains.

    Just a note: we Floridians know a lot about witnessing space events, how costly they are, how often things launch that explode that the rest of the world never really knows about or ignores, and we are in a position that things like the ISS are a common sight to the naked eye. We see launches all the time, and my family and friends saw as many of the space launches in the 1960s and 70s too. It's easy to claim things are a fraud if you've never FELT what a launch feels like as you watch a rocket shoot up into the sky.

  • Giordano
  • DJS

    One of the tactics employed by the theorists is that they figure time is on their side. Over time they begin to rewrite history, highlight issues that were long settled as being suspicious, play on the fact that people forget what occurred and spin any and every inconsistency into their theory.

    R2D2's tools are well known.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Well I started this debate and what have I learnt?

    Well what strikes me as interesting, and quite surprising is that people are so divided whether it was fake or not. It appears to be a 50.50 split.

    The Rebel

  • freddo

    I saw the landings on British TV as a kid - allowed to stay up very late because it was early hours of the morning here.

    It wasn't until the excellent "Capricorn 1" in the late 70's about faked Mars landings that anyone started on about faked moon landings.

  • DJS

    For the past 15 years or so, I have worked closely with various regional and national officials representing many of our nation's (US) law enforcement, intelligence, military and homeland security agencies. I've pointed this out briefly before.

    Almost without exception, these individuals and the organizations they represent are, guess what R2D2, just exactly like you and me and the rest of us. They wake up, they go to work and the are committed to doing the very best job for their country they can do.

    Plus almost all of them have intensive training, advanced education and years of experience doing what they do better than nearly anyone else on Mother Earth. So to those of you who sit in their mommy's basement using her Internet account to feel good about your miserable selves by feeling you are special because you get it and no one else does, I would say: grow the eff up and enter the real world.

    I've worked closely withe regional and national officials in the FBI, Secret Service, and other Homeland Security departments, including former and current security experts who have developed security plans for various US embassies around the world and former and current military experts who are routinely deployed to various hot spots around the globe.

    Many of these are engineers or other experts working for the military in various fields of expertise that do not involve guns and grenades as it were. Almost all of them, nearly without exception, are loyal, honest, intelligent, committed. To think that any conspiracy hatched by mommy basementers would have to make each one of these individuals complicit in the conspiracy is lunacy of the highest caliber.

    But keep feeling 'special' by thinking you are one of the few who 'get it.' I wouldn't want to deprive you of the only feelings of self worth you gain.

  • StarTrekAngel
    while this may seem to contradict what I posted earlier, please note that my previous post was not to challenge the thread, it was mostly pointing at space travel technology. I still believe that the technology required to land a man on the moon was available in 1969. With that said, it would not be unthinkable to believe that a hoax could have been put together, even with so many people involved. Even the NASA of today operates in a need to know basis. Work is isolated very much like in a cult world. I would assume that given the political environment of the time, such secrecy and compartmentalization was ever more present. No one needed to know what the other person was working on. If I have to consider a hoax, I would think that is much more acceptable to think that winning a race against the USSR did not require putting a man on the moon for real, even if it was possible. At what cost? At what risk? And what was to be earned? Scientific knowledge? I think the risk:reward ratio of such feat in 1969 was not worth it just for the sake of knowledge. We've always had other means of getting that information and science has always counted with time to develop new understanding (Science does wait patiently on Jehovah, see that GB?). I believe this to be the primary reason as to why the moon landings ended. The race was won and the new knowledge gain from being there not worth the expense. Think about the Mars rovers. How many of those could we have sent to the moon already? Are they a hoax too?
  • sir82

    The scary thing is that people utterly incapable of determining whether the moon landings were real or not, are going to be electing the next POTUS, with (among other things) the trigger finger on the nuclear arsenal.

    This is why Donald Trump is the leading GOP candidate as of now.

    I weep for our country.

  • StarTrekAngel
    I second that sir82!

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