Royal Commission Live Hearing Now

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  • sparrowdown
    Toole living up to his name!!
  • jwleaks


    Before the Royal Commission hearing (image from Watchtower magazine)

    Now during the Royal Commission hearing:

  • Listener
    They were probably required to provide it with all the other documents requested by the commission, they could be in trouble for this
  • jwfacts
    "As a lawyer ... " Stewart is not letting Toole get away with the waffling, evasion and preaching that he allowed from Spinks.
  • Mephis
    He's got Toole to say that his understanding that going to court is prohibition of civil cases. Stewart mentions that there is also often a civil case which goes along with the criminal case. Still indicates he's very sceptical that Toole's understanding is one shared at congregation level about criminal cases.
  • sparrowdown

    God, what bethel crypt did this vampire crawl out of?

    Odious man!

  • Mephis
    Stewart's dismantling their approach to confidentiality as reason for not working with authorities as set out in their last letter about 'legal matters' to elders. Effectively, this is their hope to claim ecclesiastical privilege in Oz, at least, being forensically kicked apart.
  • umbertoecho

    Right now it is very important that you tell the truth about how they are lying to Stewart,

    Tool is lying and you need to let them know he is twisting things. Remind the RC that witnesses are taught not bring reproach upon Jehovah's name and by extension the GB and . Stop Tool from preaching

  • Dagney

    OMGOSH!!!! This guy is great!!!! Nukin futs!!!

    I can't wait to see what Angus does with this guy in talking about the secular authorities.

  • Mephis
    I think they know Umberto. Stewart's showing it by his line of questioning. McClellan by his comments yesterday. At the same time, they're conscious that these guys are just totally oblivious to the inconsistencies in what they write and the culture they create.

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