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  • OrphanCrow
    oppostate: The lawyer for the complainant (BCG) named Ms. David was getting quite exasperated. Quite a contrast to the cool and smooth Mr. Stewart. But the important thing is that they're not letting de Rooy get away with much.

    That's just her style. I think she is trying to appear sort of frazzled - it is working, De Rooy was really fumbling around for answers. She frazzled him too.

    She seems pretty cool, actually. For the second time that I have seen, she has stood right up, fired off a question, got her answer, and then...apologized and introduced herself to the court. There is method in her delivery. Don't forget that she knows what the elders think of women.

  • sparrowdown
    What would you call a multiple of elders? A can of gormless worms?
  • LostGeneration

    The lawyer for the complainant (BCG) named Ms. David was getting quite exasperated.

    I don't remember (gawd I sound like an Australian JW Elder) who she was questioning the other day but she got super animated, almost out of control. Today she seems better. But she is making the critical mistake of bailing the witness out by asking the question again after 10 seconds of silence. Its like she cant stand the silence and starts talking. She should just wait until the elder says something.

  • sparrowdown
    So ironic that the WT is using a female lawyer and expert considering women aren't fit to carry a microphone in the congregation, let alone teach.
  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    I read that letter BCG wrote to the branch, it is just horrible what she has been through. And the elders participated in painting her as being a nuisance nut case.


  • Ozman
    we're back!
  • smiddy

    Angus asked De Rooy if J.C.acted against a non witness he said no.Angus then pointed out that B.C.H.was D.F. and therefore not a J.W. so B.C.B.,complaint was not further acted upon.

    It`s amazing how many times these elders have to get in touch with the branch for further advice as to what to do.

    And talk about these goons having selective memory , their incompetence astounds me.

    Indian Larry

    If you go to the home page of the commissions site you can download the transcripts of each days proceedings .


  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    While this inquiry would bore most to tears I think most here must find it fascinating.

    Members of this forum have discussed and speculated for months and years about this subject. It has been a constant topic of discussion. We have said that a carcass is buried somewhere. When it is found the truth will come out. Now the carcass has been found, dug up and is being examined. And how it stinks. The Witness lawyers are trying to direct attention away from this stench by their use of meandering language and argument. The commissioners may politely listen but always come back to the carcass. The rotting, stinking, putrid carcass that the Watchtower buried and is now gutted and laid out for all to see.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    I'm enjoying the long silences from this man.
  • sparrowdown
    Are there cricket sounds during the uncomfortable silences.

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