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  • AudeSapere
    C0ntr013r wrote: I wonder how much impact this RC will have on a normal dub... Probably not very much :pensive:

    Maybe not on your average JW, but I for one feel MUCH more educated and confident in refuting JW *cough, cough* logic *cough cough*.

    And the lack of common insight and compassion are clearly noted to be sorely lacking within 'Jehovah's organization'.

    No surprise to us, but good to see it spotlighted on an international stage.

  • AudeSapere

    I think the 'non-verbal' message from the elders in this hearing is coming through LOUD and CLEAR: Not only do they consider child sex abuse to be just a sin (rather than a crime), they don't even consider it important enough to spend an hour or two (at MINIMUM) to read what the commission is about and to review their own notes about the incidents to be discussed.

    They are hostile to any intrusion into their little 'club'.

    And Child Sex Abuse is just not worth their time.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door
    Stepping back a few posts, I reviewed Monty's statements by transcript. Aside from a couple more troubling sentences like "not wanting to put the _____ elders in a bad light", I think his testimony was actually spot on and he has proven to be the only "expert" witness in these hearings so far.
  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions
    Thanks again to CONTROL3R for the YouTube of Monty (I was too bushed to stay up til 2AM EST!)

    My thoughts: this guy is no apostate. . . not by a long shot. Perhaps that is how he feels, but what I see (and I think others here see as well) is someone who never shook the brainwashing and got to the bottom of what exactly their experience in JWs was, which is indeed a cult experience. No he's not a JW, but he really never rooted it from his mind.

    That being said, I think overall he was a good witness and provided a contrast to the mind-numbing answers of current elders.

    So, does anyone know who's up tonight , i.e. Tuesday August 4, 10AM Sydney time?

  • nonjwspouse

    As I have mentioned privately to others who are here, these proceedings are like crack for me! it's like watching for who killed JR in the 70's. ( Who remembers that show?) I am losing way too much sleep. But I can't help myself. I keep falling asleep during the proceedings then anxiously awaiting the uploads to youtube to catch up.

    The depth of research and accurate knowladge ( shivers) this commission has on the inner workings of the JW is absolutely incredible. The slow smooth, polite, disarming, deliberate delivery of Mr Stewart and the justice especially are so exceptional, so brilliant! So much can be learned by others who wish to become a lawyer or really, with anything in life, when questioning to get the truth out of people.

    This is so outstanding. I wish there were more out there like this commission in the legal field. The homework detail is so precise. The ability to calculate when to go in for the "killer" questions after patiently questioning and not arguing, just asking polity, allowing the silences and non answers for a while.

    I can't express adequately the excitement I feel when listening to these unequaled in my mind, experts in their field. They have surpassed even my favorite "bulldog" of a lawyer in the US congress Trey Gowdy. The unassuming mannerisms, quiet, non excitable speech allowing the bombshells to drop when appropriate, but even then without raised voices or emotion, just facts that can not be disputed leaving the defendants speechless, dumbfounded, scrambling sometimes with non-related rambling , and I am pretty sure sure self-questioning much about themselves. It is something to behold.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    nonjwspouse: Hear, hear!
  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Well, at least this elder Penschiff read the info ahead of time, and doesn't say "I can't remember"..... I don't think I could take another night of "I can't remembers"

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