Labeling one self "Atheist" is Unscientific

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  • Viviane
    Voicing nothing but vindictive rhetoric against people is unscientific.

    So is not knowing what you're talking about. Congratulations on being the example for class.

  • _Morpheus

    "Personal peace and personal victories are real tangible things. They are not imaginary. People can tell when they have peace in their life and when they are experiencing victory after victory. It is incredible freedom, not determined by circumstance, and not some philosophical kind either. The real deal. They are facts."

    sigh.... Let me help you perry. First lets define "tangible":

    1. 1.
      perceptible by touch.
      "the atmosphere of neglect and abandonment was almost tangible"
      synonyms:touchable, palpable, material, physical, real,
      1. 1.
        a thing that is perceptible by touch.

    2. Slave4_38y
    3. _Morpheus

      So personal victories and peace are actually the opposite of tangible. They are "intangible".

      Sadly for me i agree with what i assume was your premise, that peace and personal victories are valuable.

      Where i am lost is what those things have to do with being "atheism being unscientific"....? Welcome to the fun, brother perry 😎

      *for the Thor sake im begging you please please please dont start with that evolved from rocks crap

    4. freemindfade

      Perry is here now it's a party!

    5. freemindfade
      Is everyone still debating if Viv is mean or not?
    6. truthseeker100
      406 do I hear 450? Going once going twice. 500!! LOL
    7. cappytan

      I just have to say, I had lunch last week with Perry and his wife, and they're some really great, down to earth folks.

      So, though I currently disagree with Perry on existential issues, that doesn't mean I'm gonna belittle his perspective.

      Forum Perry is completely different that IRL Perry.

    8. freemindfade

      I love Perry, the forum wouldn't be the same without him

      This is the beauty of not being JW's we can completely disagree and still talk to one another without distain and shunning. Don't feel bad Perry, keep being yourself please.

    9. cantleave
      Does Perry really have an African Grey Parrot ????

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