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  • Flowerpetal

    To Tina, here's the post:
    Posted: Apr 12, 2001 10:47:19 AM
    Tina you also said:
    Cognitive re-structuring I would add in your paticular case along with developing critical thinking skills. Tina
    Look I am sorry that your experience as an JW has hurt you. I am not trying to be insensitive. But you don't have to strike out at me as the object of your hurt or anger. My experiences are NOT your experiences. I haven't lost my autonomy or have lost who I am. I am ME and always have been, and always will be.


    OK so I used the word "hurt" as well. But I didn't say "bitter."

    I also see you as trying to re-define who I am, and I won't let you do that.

    In time the savage bull doth bear the yoke.
    Much Ado About Nothing (Shakespeare)

  • Wayne


    Hardly my friend. Someone once said to me as I studied that the New System was going to start in 1975--6000 years after Adams birth. ( You know the millenium connection here so I won't bore you. Anyway, jeeeeeeeeeeez, I traced the Bible chronology on "bristol board"--an artists scribble sheet--an I did come up with 1975. However, Eve was the last creation. And according to ancient Hebrew tradition a man "should" be 30 years old when he married. Perhaps that is why Christ began his ministry at 30--due to the begining of his collection of the bride class. Anyway, guy, if you add 30 years to 1975 we have 2005--probably October. However, I would place my money on the memorial night of 2005--those days were cut short. And, its interesting that we do not yet know the day and time even if I am correct. As some will be asleep, and some will be working in a field,
    I wouldn't even hazard a guess--that's up to God.

    And, no, we still have the high priest during those 1000 years tto intercede for our sins. If you make it that far I've got confidence in you and I both. Farkle is another matter. He just may become annointed. I do love my Alfred E. Newman--cartoonist here.


  • outnfree

    I hate to be harsh. Not really my character. But you have got to be out of your mind to have been through the Witless experience of false dates, timelines, etc., and still come here spouting such nonsense as I have just read above.
    If you believe your Bible "No man knows the hour," and your talk of "the end" happening earlier in 2005 rather than later just echoes some past Freddy Franz nonsense which ALSO turned out to be the ramblings of a non-too-stable man!
    BTW -- I didn't condemn CHRIST's teachings, just the WTs. (Christ said to GIVE Caesar's things to Caesar, and Paul tells us to pray for political leaders.)
    And I hang out here as a purposefully disassociated person because of just such false prophecies as yours.


  • somebody


    Reading your posts has made a lot of questions pop into my mind. Answer them as you see fit.

    Here are some quotes from your posts:

    And it is consoling that God is the final judge of who inherits eternal life--not any man nor any body of elders.
    Once more I'll state that Jehovah is the one making an estimate of hearts and he does NOT discriminate against women.

    My question regarding those 2 quotes is:

    I know that JWs do not belive in the Trinity. After Jesus was resurrected, he said that ALL authority over the heaven and earth were given to him, by Jehovah. He also siad that Jehovah judges no one, and the Jehovah committed all the judging to him. He told us to stop judging one another, and to stop condemming one another, lest we be jusdged and condemmed ourselves. He knew we are ALL sinners and that was why I think he said not to judge and condemn each other. I'm getting off track here, so I'll ask the question. If you don't believe the trinity, then why are you saying that Jehovah will judge and not Jesus, as the gospel teaches?

    When stephenw20 asked you if it was the law of Christ that you follow, or the law of the WBTS, you answered:

    Yes, it was the law of Christ. The same law that teaches me not to turn for solice to churches that are nationalistic.
    Can you tell me where in the gospel that law is? What is the Law of Christ to you? What do you mean when you say you follow it? How do you follow it?

    Also, as far as disfellowhipping goes.....disfellowhipping is likened in the Bible to handing one over to satan. Can you show me from scriptures where Jesus commands us to participate in the evil practice of hand over fellow sinners to satan, who we've judged and condemmed as being unrepentent in their hearts. (remembering that you said that Jehovah is the one who judges our hearts )


    No. Jesus Christ knows that none of us are perfect. It will take all of us a very long time to put on the Christlike personality--and the elders are no exception.

    Then how can you think that it's ok for elders to disregard why Jehovah gave his Son's life by using scriptures from the Mosiac law BEFORE Jehovah gave his Son's life, to form a judical committee set up to judge a fellow sinner?

    So, having been a staunch supporter of the Faithful and Discreet Slave Class for all of these years,..
    And it shows.

    What you mean is that you have been a staunch supporter of the WBTS Inc. Is that not true? The society did appoint themselves to be the faithful and discreet slave spoken about in the Bible, didn't they?

    You can't claim to be a staunch supporter of the "society", and claim to be supporter of the Law of Christ. That would be serving 2 masters. It's impossible to do,with out suffering, seeing as how Jesus says one thing, and the society says another. You really should choose which one you will follow.


    PS.....And my opoinion is that the WBTS ARE to blame when child molesters get set free to victimize again, after the "2 or more witnesses" rule. The society SHOULD be telling the elders to tell the person who comes to them claiming their child has been molested to CONTACT AUTORITIES. That should be the FIRST thing they tell them. THE society knows that elders are going to follow their rule book ( i.e. the flock book), so the longer they wait to put it the rule book, the longer they are th #1 guilty people as far as how pedophiles are handled and hidden.

  • patio34


    I have to take issue with your slandering the whole political process in the country of which you avail yourself of all the advanatages it offers. Even the Bible does not allow for slandering the higher authorities, "for he who takes a stand against them, takes a stand against God."

    One who doesn't vote and holds themselves aloof from the whole process has no justification for denigrating and imputing bad motives to literally everyone in the process.

    You're in a stand-alone position without the backing of the WTS or the Bible in your assertions.


  • Tina

    Hi fp,
    I am in no way trying to re-define you-I can only understand one by the thoughts they post.
    I went through the 'hurt' phase long ago-I no longer feel that at all. I only wanted to challenge your thinking. If it seemed like I lashed out at you,my apologies. I never intended that.
    It's very common for those still enmeshed in organizational thinking to feel lashed out at,when different perspectives are presented.
    I understand the you feel 'you are you'.
    What I see is someone 'defined' by wts standards and thinking.
    Anyway,I have enjoyed the exchange,regards,Tina

  • Flowerpetal

    Hi Tina, just read your reply to me. I accept your apology. I grew up in a "divided" household as my dad was not a JW. So lots of times I got to hear his impressions of JWs, and the religion. Well, I decided I would be a witness even with the male head of my family feeding me a lot of negativity about them. I believe it has made me balanced. But that is my belief.

    I am also an only child and always, always, resented when people would infer that I was "spoiled" because it was their belief that an only child was a "spoiled child." I have always been myself, because I am an only child. I have had plenty of time to myself since I was my own company lots of times. I never defined myself as somebody's daughter or somebody's wife, as in "Mrs. (husband's first name)." My mother let me play with worldly kids in the neighborhood, all the while I was growing up. My hubby and I allowed our kids to do the same because it was more convenient than having them hop in a car and be driven to some witnesses house for "proper" association.

    The thinking that you want to challenge me with just isn't me at the moment, Tina. I have too many other questions concerning Biblical doctrines that concern me right now to worry about whether or not I am really free as a woman in the org. That is just not my issue.

    I have more problems with being an adult child of depression-era parents, hating to throw anything away and saving glass jars for no reason. LOL

    In time the savage bull doth bear the yoke.
    Much Ado About Nothing (Shakespeare)

  • Flowerpetal

    Um...Patio, I was making observations of people's ATTITUDES. I watched the news everyday and heard the pundits on both sides screaming and trying to out talk each other during this last political campaign. That's what I was commenting on.

    In time the savage bull doth bear the yoke.
    Much Ado About Nothing (Shakespeare)

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