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  • Simon

    ...is no one posting here?

    OK, I'll be the first !

  • Gopher


    I think too many of us having gotten into the habit of posting everything in the MAIN forum. We experienced posters can help others who post things in MAIN to consider other forums, like this one.

    Do you think maybe we should change the name of MAIN to "JW CULTURE"? That way, we won't have a "catch all" forum, but people will have to take 1 or 2 seconds and THINK about to which forum they should post their message.


  • larc


    I have been doing some "sheparding work" trying to get people to post over here. Is it possible for you to move threads here and then announce on the main forum that you have done so. There are nearly a dozen such posts on the Main, that could go here.

    Also, the search format is changed. When we do a search now does it search both the subject and the text? Also, I have tryed search recently and it is not working for me. This has greatly diminished my powers of resurection.

  • Seven

    Hey Yoda! Congrats on finally becoming a knight(1000 post club). You too larc. I don't know what it's going to take to get posters out of the main forum-maybe a rebate or something. We've had some good discussions going on in other forums but maybe people just weren't interested in the topics. Maybe now that you've combined several of the forums posters won't be so reluctant and will take another look.


  • ozziepost

    Agree with larc. Some threads could be moved here. Now that you're a Jedi, Simon, you have the POWER!!


  • stephenw20

    But 7

    I have left the room at least twice *S*


  • Seven

    Stephen, And this one makes three. Seven

  • TR


    I like Gophers idea about changing the name of the main forum.

    BTW, I've got your site bookmarked at the "main" forum. I think I'll change the bookmark to "all forums". Maybe that'll help.


  • RR

    Simon, I normally just look at "active Topics" and post accordingly, but now I have been creating threads on the B,D&P folder. Hopefully we can get those who really want to discuss the issues rather than whine or vent.

    Why not created a "whinning" folder? LOL

    Less Religion and more Jesus!

  • Had Enough
    Had Enough


    Ouch! Usually I enjoy your posts but that last remark about a whining post..I'm not ready yet to see the humour in that.

    Those who are hurting need this forum for healing not more hurtful remarks.

    Had Enough hurt and I'm not whining.

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