More Inspiring Young Awakenings

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  • ToesUp

    Oh God...I really feel old. They look so young. She's a doll. They look very happy together. So happy they got out young and together. Thanks for sharing this Freemindfade!

    I hope they don't get sucked into another religion.

  • freemindfade

    I hope they don't get sucked into another religion.

    doesn't sound like it, they sound pretty open.

  • steve2

    This couple's very best contribution to still-in young ones is to avoid "alternative" religious beliefs (keeping that area as a private domain for individuals to work out themselves) and to show that, despite hardship and unfair treatment, you can adjust to leaving and build a healthy, happy, fulfilling life for yourself and any loved ones who have also got out.

    This is significantly more effective than overly focusing on how damaging the organization is as such negativity simply confirms to still-ins that those who leave are bitter and motivated by "petty" grievances and malice.

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    My heroes!!!

    I can only day dream of having the courage to exit it all, but in reality I can't.

    My whole life is ruled by JW stuff, my whole family, my husband, they are all soooo hardcore JWs. Forget about it!


  • Dagney

    Yeah what a great couple. Somebody posted one of their videos on FB, and I sent it to a few people.

    I think their manner and honesty will appeal to many. YouTube is a powerful tool in anti-theocratic warfare. I'd say most of the new people I meet at the meetups all were out because of Youtube.

    Hope they pop up on here sometime.

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious
    I'm sorry you feel that way, Sofia. Hopefully you can keep using the techniques and tips they suggested in the video along with Steve Hassan's approach to help wake him up.
  • clarity
    ILoveTTATT2 14 hours ago
    "I know them in person. Great human beings"
    ILove ........would you be so kind as to let the 'kids' know they are loved on this thread here on jwn. Maybe they don't know about us yet. Thanks in advance.
  • freemindfade
    I agree. Even if they just popped in to share some stories. It would be cool.
  • DJS
    I have first dibs on being their manager. I think those two could bring the Dark Tower down!!!
  • cattails
    What a cute couple in the videos. I'm glad for them that they are out and have the rest of their lives to live and enjoy while they're still young. If you're lurking and you're young, don't let the WT steal your youth, you can never get that back.

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