More Inspiring Young Awakenings

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  • DJS
    These two are adorable. I feel like Elliot talking about E.T. "I'm keeping them." They need to be the poster kids (young adults?) for ex-Dubs. Speaking tours. Dr. Phil. The View.
  • ToesUp
    These two young ones gives me hope that not everyone is buying ALL the current JW B.S. I would love for Cedars or Ray Publisher to highlight their story. Their story needs to be told. Shame on their families for shunning them!
  • scary21
    Love it !
  • DarioKehl
    Hell, they're both cute lol
  • steve2

    I have watched two videos so far and love their naturalness and friendliness.

    If I had had even one-half the presence of mind and heart that these two young ex-Witnesses have, I could have saved myself years of pain and heartache.

    My only "concern" - if that's the right word - is that they do not go to "another" religion or belief system and start preaching that message because it would begin to look like 'out of the frypan, and into the fire'.

  • Illuminated
    So they need 2 Witnesses in order to protect children from rape, yet 1 Witness turned them in? Where's the 2 Witnesses? And what's the purpose of Satan's job, if they're doing it for him?
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    The J.W. parents have sacrificed their children on the Org's altar of fire - because they questioned/doubted the god-like authority of the 7 Brooklyn Baals.

    Only the courts can sound the death-knell for this cultish practice.

    These two youngsters deserve all the love, friendship, and support they can get!

  • freemindfade
    friendliness? well they are Canadian lol
    Sorry can't skip an opportunity to tease Canadians, all in good fun. I do love canadians but also love to tease them.
    They seem pretty sharp, I doubt they will become ministers of some other nonsense. I think there are a few rest stops on the way out, one is still believing in judeo christian faith (I never made that one) and the other is a form of agnosticism that keeps looking for higher power. Now some get stranded at those rest stops, I have a feeling now that they are free to think, and meeting lots of people, they wont get closed minded again. I hope
  • WTWizard
    And they are still at an age where they can enjoy those ice cream cones instead of sending the money to the Worldwide Damnation Fund. I hope that pxxxes off enough children so they refuse to become and remain jokehovians. Hopefully, enough 6 year olds will be pxxxed when they cannot have ice cream cones because of the Worldwide Damnation Fund donations, and they refuse to get baptized. Or, for that matter, do anything else for joke-hova.
  • freemindfade

    It's only my opinion. But I think we will see a new generation of exjw "apostate".

    I think maybe the older ones. Were most fearless and they found informaton and acted in times when information wasn't as readily available.

    Then there are those in their 30's like me and some other I know. We came into the information age. And weren't born in. I feel we are awake and pissed. Often stuck. Embedded by spouse and family and already our youth sacrafice to this shit.

    Then this young group. Very decisive about living honestly. Raised in the info age. Maybe the least vitriol of the three demographics. Still young different atmosphere different experience. I hope all the you people snap out of it and wake up before they get embedded in decades of family and friends.

    None of this is fact just gut feelings of mine. We all share similarities no matter how old or young. But we all also have different generational aspects on this cult.

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