More Inspiring Young Awakenings

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  • freemindfade

    I just found these vidoes on Youtube, maybe you have seen them already, but I thought I would share. These Canadian kids for me are courageous and inspiring. More excellent public examples of non vitrial apostate awakening.

    Also his wife is wicked cute, if you know anyone like that send them FMF's way lol


  • the girl next door
  • freemindfade

    Good stuff, I hope more and more young people will have the courage to dig and see what this org is made of.

    One of the biggest blocks I see is people that aren't even what you would call "great" witnesses, they just go through motions, and they really really really really love their friends and family. And anything messing with jw threatens that, so its tantamount (in their minds) to threatening their friends and family, because honestly...

    If you asked most witnesses "if there were serious and damning things wrong with this religion would you even want to know?" I believe regardless of what they say, many, like my wife, want nothing destroying the dream.

  • cha ching
    cha ching
    Yay for the young crowd! "We don't feel like lying" "Blackmail isn't going to work on us" "Real family and friends are going to love you no matter what"
  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    Beautiful! I'm so happy they got out when they are still so young!

    They emphasize building love and trust in your marriage before trying to discuss TTAT.

    They also show how taking time away from the meetings and indoctrination helps open the mind to TTAT. I know this was key for me.

  • freemindfade
    Their presentation of this situation and other recent ones we've seen show this very positive, healthy exjw. Young couples who were not fringe but striving for pioneering etc. While they mention the shortfalls of the society, they seem to still be focused on positive growth. Great example of level headedness.
  • never a jw
    never a jw
    wonderful. Those are the ones that need to leave ASAP. The younger, the better. The older ones can't handle it. I know because I am trying with two brothers in their 50's
  • PaintedToeNail

    Glad to see they were able to use critical thinking skills!

  • fleshyheadedmutant

    Thanks for providing these videos.

    The couple seem well adjusted, although as they said, they have their good days and bad. How sad that their families have chosen to shun such lovely young people. Many in the world would be happy to have kids as nice as these.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    Is anyone surprised that the Circuit Overseer discouraged them from helping the disadvantaged and poor in the congregation? Witnesses are so damn clinically indoctrinated its sickening. I think this couple are almost like visitors to a new country, its all foreign and strange to be among the world and find out its not so weird and evil after all. I think they are pretty sweet kids and I wish them the best. Don't close your eyes and run back guys.

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