More Inspiring Young Awakenings

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  • TheListener
    Cognac, I know exactly what you mean. I loved the videos but at the same time it made me sad.
  • freemindfade
    Its sad but hopeful, you know that behind the scenes and the time it took to get there they went through hell, and grief, but they are turning it into positive energy as best they can
  • cognac
    TheListener - one day we'll get that. I'm hopeful. :)
  • steve2

    What the elder told them boils down to this:

    "No one comes to the Father, Jehovah, except through the GB".

    Men substituting for God and who require others to follow them to be saved - a time-worn hallmark of cults.


    I would very much like to hear from Christian more specifically what exactly were some of the doubts he mentioned that he'd had even before discovering the Watchtower's association with the UN as an NGO.

    Also, it might be useful to know specifically how and with what subjects he approached his wife that proved so effective; and whether her love for and trust in her husband were the sole reasons she considered what he was telling her rather than immediately turning him in as his brother did. Had she been suppressing doubts of her own?

    Great couple. Very hopeful content in this video. Thanks for posting.


    Captive 7/1972 - 2/2001

  • freemindfade
    It sounds like there is a lot more that went on, just the videos are very limited. I imagine they will be putting out more and it sounds like they are open to speaking with people. It would be nice to get them on here to share some details if anyone can persuade them
  • dubstepped
    My wife and I love these two as well. We also clean houses together just like they do. It was during a period of time when we were away from meetings that we were awakened, and for them it was a time when they were in the Spanish congregation and away from the English that they better understood. The trust we had in one another allowed us to take the concerns brought up seriously even if they may have been hard to hear at the time. So many parallels, but they appear younger than us. I wish we could get some years back. Oh well, we've learned a lot and so has this couple. The best lessons we've ever learned have been through the hardest times.
  • ILoveTTATT2
    I know them in person. Great human beings.
  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious

    I love these videos! Their 5th one is good too.

    Where are they from exactly? Just curious

  • freemindfade

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