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  • bigboi

    Personally, I think wanker was a more than apt description.

  • DannyBear


    Somebody steal your i.d.? You ain't the same guy I know.

    Either that or somebody has filled your swimming pool with xxrated bullshit. Time to start drinking the tea with head erect.


  • Beck_Melbourne


    Is this really UncleBruce? I don't recognize him from these posts,

    I do not know IW. But further to what Danny said here:

    Somebody steal your i.d.? You ain't the same guy I know.

    UB gave me his password for a few weeks ago so that I could post his profile pic for him, I do not know if he makes a practice of doing this with others. But Simon can check, as I like UB so much, I am hoping that this is not him.


  • IslandWoman



    Somebody steal your i.d.? You ain't the same guy I know.

    I agree. This does not sound like the UB I used to know.


  • unclebruce

    Listen folks,

    I am not "baiting" and have not "attacked" prisca or anyone else here. I just returned here to see her pummelling bitter mango and ask "why"

    simple .. no agendas .. just a simple question .. gotta rush cheers all unc

  • Prisca
    Your supposed to butt in about now and thank all us guys who still just love ya ta death.

    Ok, it's lunchtime so I can access the internet now

    A huge THANK YOU to all of those who have pitched in here to lend a bit of support. I really appreciate it, more than you will ever know.

    Prisca, who has finally decided to use the "ignore" button on a few people

  • Beck_Melbourne

    Thanks Prisca...hey when I told Andy he had to give me a hug from you, he groped as well, was that supposed to happen?? LOL

    Take care!


  • Prisca


    Beck, the grope-hug is from Refiner's not me. You must have said "Refiner" instead of "Prisca" (I know, I know, it's so easy to get the two of us mixed up!)

  • Kingpawn

    Okay UB,

    I can think of several acronyms for those letters--the vast majority of them not printable--but you've pushed me past the point of control.

    You come in here with saying something like prissy poo Prisca and then ask why people think you're attacking.

    Are you really that GD stupid or is it an act?

    In another thread you accused her of talking about you to others via e-mail. She asked you for proof. You asked if you had to be her memory well for her as well. But I didn't see her saying that either so as far as I'm concerned you come off shitfaced on that one too.

    Maybe you think of this as harmless. or Funny. Maybe you're in the habit of getting drunk or stoned and logging on. If you have a problem with someone say it or shut up. You remind me of the hypocritical Republicans during the Lewinsky scandal. Don't try and dance between the raindrops verbally. You look just like the JW apologists on here. And if in that one thread you consider yourself another James Joyce, thanks for reassuring me I haven't missed anything by not reading his written equivalents of a drunk staggering along the sidewalk.

    I've already made my defense of Prisca in another thread. I don't know you from Adam. And I'll get criticized for stirring up the embers I suppose. BFD.

    Edited by - Kingpawn on 3 November 2002 8:33:27

  • troucul

    getting drunk and logging on? I do that all the time...wait a minute, I haven't offended anyone have I?

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