Do you like black people?

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  • Sentinel

    Yes, I have always felt very comfortable around black people. My best friend in high school was a beautiful very dark black girl. I was always very pale. Kind of a odd looking pair, we were. Her name was Mary.

    My family never discriminated openly when I was young, before my mom involved us in JW's. But, later on, I realized that my grandparents on my father's side, did feel that the black person should not have the rights that a white person does. This hurt me a great deal, and I didn't understand it. They were religious people, so how could they think this way?

    When I was a JW, I had lots of black friends. They seemed more sincere and loving than my white friends. They always shared, everything. They knew hard times. Maybe it was because I grew up in a country tenant house, that had no running water at all, which meant, no kitchen sink or bathroom. We had to draw our water from the well, until I was fourteen. I knew what hard times were as well.

    To me, I really don't like to hear distinctions made as to the color of a persons skin, black or white. It seems cruel to label people. When I went to school, they were just beginning the desegregation, and it was difficult for Mary, my friend, because she was the only black girl in our senior class. Gradually, that changed, but it didn't happen overnight. They forced the black kids to attend white schools. She was black and a JW, and that must have been tough, but she never complained. She was a true friend. I miss her.

    Right now, my good friend is Linda. She is a beautiful black woman. She just recently got married for the second time after many years of being a single divorced mother. She has a genuiene heart. My husband and I were invited to her wedding, and we were the minority, but never felt "so". We were treated with love and respect and kindness by all her relatives and friends.

    Basically, I am drawn to individuals who display good spiritual qualities, that is, people who know how to be kind and loving and do not judge others. Black or white, it makes no difference. And, now we not only have these, but we have folks from all different cultures living in the US. Times have changed. I think back to the way some American's treated the Indians and the blacks, and it was horrible. It was barbaric.

    Maybe one day, we will learn how to get it right.

  • shera

    Yes,I do.

    I couldn't care less what race a person is.Color means nothing.

    Some people can over do it,when they want to make a black person comfortable.Just don't want to offened and hurt anyone.

  • LB


    I think Racism is something we all have to fight regardless if we think we do or not. I grew up by hunters point in San Francisco, same neighborhood as OJ Simpson. Same time. It wasn't easy being one of the only white kids there and it wasn't easy leaving behind my racist views when we left. But for every black kid that hated me because I was white, there were more black kids that liked me because I was Al.

    To this day I don't allow anyone to use certain words in my presence. I live in a very white area in Oregon now and when anyone of color passes through the locals have learned it's best not to use a stereotypical term to describe any of them if I'm within earshot. It's rude, crude and stupid.

    People of color clean???? My God???? It's armagedden!!!

  • SixofNine

    Crownboy, I just checked out the website. That is hilarious, thanks for posting.

    ps. I don't think I've ever mentioned it, but I think you are very articulate, Crownboy, as is bigboi, an even that well dressed, clean cut young man, teejay. But I think you're the most articulate. Hope they don't beat you up.

  • riz

    that site is a riot

    *raises the roof*

  • dolphman

    I'm not a racist. I love black people. I think they have contributed greatly to our society However, I don't particuarly care for Gansta Rap music and the kind of idiocy it breeds in young black people though. Hip Hop is one thing, Gangsta rap is another. You can make the argument that white kids listen to destructive music as well (Heavy Metal, whatever) and yes, i believe it does harm them and make them somewhat antisocial. But you don't have an entire white culture founded on and glorifying killing/selling drugs/joning gangs, and being an all around thug in general... etc.

    Simply put, I don't care for the hoods. A lot of black people involved with or who listen to hardcore rap and embrace it's message sell drugs join gangs and kill and commit crimes. Because it's expected of them, if they want to fit in with the message/culture they are embracing. No amount of political correctness can erase that fact. Sorry. Maybe it's because of all the shit we've put blacks through over the years, i don't know. You need a socialogist to figure that out. But i don't need a sociologist to help me decide this:

    it's 2 am in the morning. Your lost in the big city. You see a group of young black males on one corner. A group of young white males on the other. Who are YOU going to ask for directions from? I'm going to ask the white kids.

    Am i racist? Or am I just a realist?

  • teejay

    Some of 'em.

  • teejay

    btw, just checked out the site. I must admit it gave me a chuckle. Or five.

    Besides that, all I can say is that Sally and Johnny seem like really kewl people. I mean... like... they really seem to have it going on. They even seem to like colored black people even more than *I* do. Now... what is up with that?

    p.s. Six? You a fool, Man. A straight up fool.

    p.p.s. That was a compliment (for those on-board that are ebonics-challenged)

  • LyinEyes

    Lol at Teejay............. that seems like a Saturday Night Live skit.

    I wonder how many people realize that most of the young people in the world today are drug users? White , black, hispanic, indian, whatever, rich , poor. It is everywhere, it is scarey. I live in Louisiana and it is a party state,,,,,, drugs are just part of the everyday scene. I mentioned this earlier, but there are many kinds of drugs,,,,,,, legal and illegal and so many people keep their drug use secret. They even condone it saying the doctor prescribed it too me. My son is 15 and has never taken drugs, he even hates smoking, i smoke and he gets mad everytime. I am not saying he never will, just hoping to God he wont. But he tells me of the drugs he has seen, from kids at school, kids down the road, his own cousins, even uncles who are older. It makes me wonder how many out there use drugs on a daily basis ? This is surely not just a black problem at all, at least from my state,,,,,,,, drugs are used excessivly here, I am sure it must be this way all over , even if you don't see it.

  • ChakkaConned

    Here are a few of my thoughts, based on my own personal experiences. The most loving and fun(yes, at times) congregation I have ever attended was made up almost entirely of black people. I was the minority but was accepted with the love and respect that one would hope for from the Only True Religion(TM). As a whole, they strived to apply the *most important* christian principles and created a warm environment for everyone in the congregation, black or white. One quality that I noted was prevalent was the quality of humility. I always loved that quality in people and frankly saw very little of it among the white peeps in other congregations I attended. The black friends had no problem yielding to others and even "considering the other's as superior" as per the bible's RX while dealing with all fellow christians. They also knew how to party, put on great gatherings,have lot's of fun at wedding receptions and weren't so hung up on all of the politically correct JW directives barked down from the big dogs in Brooklyn. And this included the black elders. These were special people to me and they taught me alot. They provided just about the only good memories I have as a JW.

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