Do you like black people?

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  • crownboy

    Well these guys sure do! :

    Funny and informative at the same time .

  • DanTheMan

    funny website - how in the world did you find it?

  • Undecided

    I like black people but not the young black culture. I have several black friends that my brother and I bowl with every Monday. We don't think of them as black but as fellow humans who we have a lot of fun with. I can't stand the rap music I see on TV and hear on the radio though, that's just my preference. Too many of the young blacks are into selling drugs in my area, and I don't like drugs because of the consequences of it's usage. My wife has a neice who has ruined her life with drugs, she has three kids who suffer because of it.

    Ken P.

  • Sabine

    Oh now that was funny!!! Cool way to address some of the things white people say to people of color trying to be "nice".

    One thing that drove me crazy when I was selling my house was that every single white person that walked through our house had to comment "Oh my, it's so clean!" with a shocked expression on their face....yes some people of color are clean freaks...just like some white people are. I don't think I'm super sensitive, but when ten people tell you in one day your house is soooo clean...come on, I'm trying to sell it, of course it's gonna be clean.

    Clean freak Sabine

  • bigboi
    Do you like black people?


  • Mulan

    What??? Sabine, you're selling your house?

  • Farkel

    : Do you like black people?

    Don't know. What do they look like?


  • rem

    Hey, I didn't know we smelled like wet dog!

    Sabine, it's pretty common for people to comment on a clean house during a walk-through. As a white person I got that a lot too when people were looking through my houses. When you are out buying a house it's amazing how dirty some people's houses are (people of any color).


  • WildHorses
    Hey, I didn't know we smelled like wet dog!

    Yep, but from what Ms Maggie told me, it's only when we ourselves are wet.

  • bigboi
    Hey, I didn't know we smelled like wet dog!

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