Do you like black people?

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  • mamashel

    okey dokey!! This could definately start a war. But I LUV black people. Considering the fact that my children are bi-racial and absulutely beautiful, I mean, there's no more georgous people on the earth in my opinion. May be just a bit partial though!


  • LyinEyes

    Mamashel, I bet your kids are beautiful.......... I swear I think all children are absolutly beautiful, no matter what their skin tone may be. And their beauty is not only on the outside, children love each other and play and are happy as long as racist adults stay out of the picture. There are racists against any color or creed.

    The other day I was in the doctors waiting room and there was a Islamic woman and her little boy, who was five. The woman was in her traditional clothing and her little boy was precious. But I saw many older old hags in the waiting room, giving mother and CHILD dirty looks. I know maybe there are hard feelings after the 9-11 thing and all, but the woman looked scared and her little boy was dressed and wanted to play with the other kids. I just think hating ,assuming that the woman hated americans , is wrong.

    My dad's side of the family are american indian and very dark skinned. My mother was of irish decent and was white as a piece of paper. My grandmother hated my dad and his family because they were poor and dark. In the 50's , when my parents were born, in our state, Louisiana, racism, was agaisnt anyone darker than white, which included mexican , indian and cajun. I have hard stories my dad and his family tell of the prejudices they had to endure.

    I would hope one day this will not be an issue any more, it does seem each generation is becoming more tolerant as the one before it.

  • LDH

    LOL @ Prisca. I like mine deep fried with hot sauce, LOL.

    VERY funny site, CB. Thanks.

    Seriously though, one of my daughter's (white) friends pissed me off last week. I was giving my daughter and her two friends a ride to the Corn Field Maze and the girls started talking about these three black girls at school. Apparently, two of the black girls were very nice, the other was a straight up bitch. Courtney (daughter's friend) says, "When black people act like that they give other black people a bad name."

    HELLO!!!!! You just got thru fu#*$ng talking about how nice the other two black girls were...I didn't hear you say that they were giving other blacks a GOOD NAME.

    I definitely corrected her thinking--at that age you know they are echoing what they hear at home.

    Really pissed me off. Double standard, eh?


  • SatanSpawn
    Sure I like blacks. Every white boy oughta own a couple.

    Shetcho mouf, Comf. You a dam fool if you think peoples heah gon' snap at dat bait. Dey's all grown past dat now. Time you did too.


    PS: Love ya, man, mo dan you know. Well, now, I guess dat ain't so afta all, is it. Eh-hehehe!

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  • Solace

    This is funny but answering this question seriously is impossible.

    You cant like or dislike someone based on their race.


    You have to get to know someone as a person before you can like or dislike them.

    BTW, Growing up west of Detroit, I can honestly say I knew of many white people who did and sold drugs.

  • teejay

    Sorry, Six...

    You go 'head and express yo'seff, Main.

  • WhyNow2000

    Ken P Said, "I like black people but not the young black culture."

    I like white people but no the young white culture. Which YOUNG culture do you like?

  • wednesday

    Being raised as a jw , there were people of all races in the cong. i really did not give it much thought. I liked people based on how they treated others./their values and who they were as a person. As i left the sheltered world of jw, and went to work, i was a bit taken back by the racist attitudes i saw, and actually most of them were from my black co workers. They had no qualms about calling me whitey or others slurs, but for me to have done the same , well that made me racist. That left a bad taste in my mouth.But after a while i begin to see, that a lot of it had to do with education.I began to see that most of the racial slurs i heard came form uneducated people, white or black. Now this may seem simple for most-but i truly was shocked at the racist attitudes .

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