What did you do to piss the brothers off?

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  • LB

    I did walk out in the middle of an announcment of a new MS. Later I found out I was followed by a couple of others who also were upset. This ended up in a physical confrontation between myself and the new MS. But all was ignored and he continued serving even after I showed up with the required two witnesses to certain events.

  • BeelzeDub

    I began telling others that I was thinking about getting a tattoo. Most would freak out and tell me that acording to the scriptures it is wrong. I would then act like I never heard that before and ask them to show me where in the bible it said that. After they looked up the scripture and showed me, I then asked them to read the verse just before where it says that men should not trim their beards and then would say I guess all the brothers should quit shaving. Then I started wearing a beard and if someone would say anything about that, I would just say I wanted to follow what the bible says and not trim my beard. Shorlty after I was quickly shunned by most.

  • Tinkerbell4125

    Mulen, NO YOU DID NOT!!! Oh my gawd, I wish I could have been there for that one!!! ROLLMAO Now that was just too funny!!!

    I guess what really pissed off the brothers in my case, was I refused to meet with them when I was going through a tough time after my dad's suicide and my mothers breast cancer. I went to *worldly* councelors instead. That's when they gave me the ol dead line...either you meet with us or you're out! Needless to say they announced at the next Thursday night meeting that I had disassociated myself. It's a funny thing, ....for a year I was missing meetings, having a tough go of it and not one elder knocked on my door or called me. THEN they catch wind of me drinking and smoking dope and entering myself into a hospital for help and their on me like stink on shit. Next time I run into that elder, I'm gonna pull that god awful rug off his bald head!

    Oh, by the way, I've been doing very well since. Everything under control now, without the help from the Je-hover Dipwits.

  • Tinkerbell4125

    OH, one more thing I did to piss them off. I refused to join the ministry school. I had stage fright too bad, my nerves couldn't handle it, but they didn't care, it still didn't sit well with them.

    Of course I lost alot of sleep because of it! NOT!

  • Tashawaa

    I looove reading this post. I believe "pissing" them off is a vital step in obtaining your freedom and lessening their control. Some things I did:

    * One of my family member's went inactive first. Every meeting, I was always asked "where's so and so," blah blah blah. I hated going as is, let alone having been made to feel like I had to explain someone's else's actions. Then one day, a particularly large, intimitating elder, pulled me in the back room to discuss my family member. I got mad. I said I didn't need to answer for their meeting attend and to leave me the *$)#* alone because I didn't find any of it "encouraging". Well, after the meeting, this elder approached me to say he didn't realize he'd get me so upset and he was doing it all out of "love". Well, I let him have it again, except this time in front of everyone sitting within 3 rows (back & forth).

    * I started my "inactivity" and one beautiful, sunny, morning I stayed home from the meeting to spring clean. An elder dropped by to "encourage" me, see how I was. I said "fine". Silence. He asked if it was a good idea to stay home from the meeting to clean. I said a simple "yes"... he left.

    I did a tonnnne of stuff. The best was acting really stupid in my Committee Meeting. They'd ask me if I got the point of the scripture, and I'd say "no". Then they would all take turns explaining it (out of context) and ask me again. I'd say "no". They were pretty frustrated and pissed off when they took all of 5 min. to discern I had a "wicked heart condition."

  • roybatty

    Told the elders on my appeal Judicial Committee to hurry up because Monday Night Football was start and I didnt want to miss the game.

  • jws

    I think what really pissed them off was not being able to pin anything on my brother and I. Although we were drinking with all the other "underground" youth of the hall, somehow we always managed to get away, even after several fact-finding inquiries.

    I think more than pissing off elders, we pissed off the rest of the congregation, because even without official elder-action, they decided on their own to shun us. After transferring to the cong. only a couple years earlier, we (being quiet and shy) didn't get into the cliques until they found out we secretly drank. Then, we were "in". After making lots of new friends, things started to get a little too open and some of them felt guilty, confessed, repented, and we were back "out" and secretly shunned. But that didn't stop us from trying to annoy them. We'd come to their picnics and graduation parties (uninvited).

    Went to one gradutation party where about a dozen or so of the cong. youth were playing volleyball. When we walked up the driveway, it was like everybody turned and froze. I remember the volleyball just dropping to the ground and nobody even going for it. The girl who's party it was had her sights on me beforehand. Left her a doctored card with a word crossed out: "Now you can forget about the boys.... and concentrate on menpioneering!" The elders later asked us about that. I asked them what was wrong with that? Isn't that a good goal for a young sister? Think I even referenced recent WT articles following the same theme (putting off relationships for pioneering). They could tell we were being smart asses, but what could they say?

    One pioneer sister (whole pioneer family, elder father) had a daughter who was home schooled and real sheltered. Though when her parents were out doing the family cleaning business at nights, she had practically every JW and worldly guy over behind her parent's backs. After she dumped on a good friend of mine who adored her, she got on our bad side. When she turned 18, her parents got her married off to some straight-laced guy from some other town. At the wedding, my brother and I decided to wear grooms tuxedos. We even got lucky enough to happen to pick the same place they were using and got the exact same tuxedos. Don't know why, just thought it would be funny. We came in and got the dirtiest looks from her. Meanwhile her brother-in-law is laughing his ass off, asking us to pose for pictures. She's yelling at him for doing so. I can just see our pictures forever preserved in the family wedding album. Spent most of the reception getting drunk in the bar - along with one of the MSs on the fast-track to being an elder.

    Also loved blairing the stereo on the way into/out of the hall. Something like AC/DC, Metallica, or Black Sabbath.

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  • Francois

    After accusing C.B. Mitchell of "skinning the sheep" in a letter to the service desk, I made it a habit of coming in late, going up to the middle of the first row, sitting down and holding up a mini tape recorder that ran off batteries while he was on the platform. When his part was over, I would make sure every one noticed that I snapped it off and put it in my pocket. Then, just as soon as he was back on the platform, out came the tape recorder and SNAP you could hear it being turned on all over the kingdom hall. This went on for some time until the tension in the Hall was so palpable you could actually feel it. And I always got up and left during the last "song." And then refused to let any elders come to my home until months and months later when I tired of the game. But, boy, that tape recorder un-nerved C.B. I think he requested fewer parts because he knew I was going to tape each and every word. See, he'd denied some things I'd said in the letter to the service desk, so I was just demonstrating that I was gonna catch his ass. It was lots of fun, actually.


  • bluesapphire

    Cool! Another fun thread!

    What did I do what did I do?

    Well, for one I took a big blue bible to the meetings at the end and read from it instead of the New World Translation. Got some pretty bad looks for that and my husband was embarassed.

    When my brother in law and sister in law came over to "encourage" me my kids were playing Santa Clause. My stick up his ass elder bil said, "How do you think your not attending meetings is affecting the kids?" I said, "Great! Now they get to be normal."

    When people started making excuses for my recently appointed MS husband because he was working out of town they would say, "Poor Chris. He must hate missing the meetings." I would say, "Heck no. There's a Kingdom Hall down the street from where he's at. He's never been once."


    I used to love to get a rise out of people.

    But the funniest thing we both did was the last time some elders came by with the CO because we didn't show up for Saturday service. We were butt naked on our living room carpet. When they knocked, we started moaning and groaning loudly. Hahahahahahaha

  • LyinEyes

    LMAO at Mulan,,,,,,,,,,, omg,,,,,,, that is classic,LB too hehehhe. I used to walk outwhen someone would get disfellowshipped, walk out crying, this really wasnt to be rebellous or dramatic ,but it made me so mad.

    Towards the end I never was much of a rebel, not in the House of the Lord at least..lol.

    But towards the end WildTurkey's talks got alot more animated , no that is not the word, he almost seemed to really have the "spirit", he gave the best talks when he centered them around Jesus and not the organzation. He could make the audience just come alive with the way he would talk about Jesus. As we are taught as Jehovah's witnesses, excessive head nodding, clapping , saying Amen brother , and UMMMMMM HUMMMMMMM, are out. OF course we had some old old die hard sister's who never quiet followed this rule. So when the chance came , I would nod my head and say ummmmmmm hummm that's right,,, not too loud , but it would piss my son off.

    Obie, that was so funny, telling them you didnt need anymore improvement,,, lol....... I wish I would have thought of that. I hated giving talks, and how many times can one mentally ill brother make you work on pausing????? try 3 times in a row, before they told him, to move on he was being too strict. LOL ... looking back I wish I would have told them to kiss my butt.

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