What did you do to piss the brothers off?

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  • orangefatcat

    Mulan I can relate to that sister. I am overweight and when I pioneered in the late sixties and early 70s you were expected to wear panty hose no matter how friggin hot it was. I would come home at the end of the day and my legs were bleeding and this went on for several years. and then one day I said the hell with this. Jehovah doesn't except you to go out day after day in sweltering humid heat in Montreal to the point that your legs would bleed. So I throw away my panty hose bought a few pair of pantalons and voila the problem was solved and then I stopped pioneering. The committee was always on my case as one of the girls that I allowed to live with me was a real SDer and she always had some tale to tell the elders about me. She even lied to them about me. And she started picking on my sister, so I told her get out and don't ever come back and so she conjured up some lies to tell the elders and the elders believed it with out talk to me and wrote to the society and that night at the K H the brothers gave me a copy of the letter they sent to the Society. I went to the washroom to cry and the DO lived in our KH and he saw me crying and said what is wrong and I showed him the letter. And he said these are lies and immediately said to me stop crying and don't worry I will handle this. He knew every Thursday night after the meeting a gang of us went for pizza so he told me to go join my friends. Any way about 30 minutes later he and his wife came in the pizza parlor and he smiled at me and said remain tranquille. So I went home needless to say still very upset. As I knew this letter was going to the WTS. Anyway the next a.m. at the service arrangement at the KH the DO was coming up the stairs and I said to him wow you look terribly tired. He said he was up all night. And he said also not to worry I have intercepted the letter that the elders sent to the Society and everything is okay now. One of the elders was very unkind to me for several years. He picked on me at every oppourtunity he could. Anyway I had enought of there BS and said I am not going to let them remove me as I pioneer. But I myself will sent them a letter and tell them I no longer wish to be a pioneer. They begged and grovelled with me to continue in the pioneer work, but I said no I have had it. and my health is no longer any good. That was an excuse of course. I know they felt like an inch high because they had to answer for why now was this person stepping down. It was quite a fiasco to say the least. But I came out the victorious one. And they all looked like fools.


  • obiefernandez


    I did put on an act, but I don't think I was particularly good at it. I had members of the site and even my volunteer administrators constantly criticising me and insinuating that I was an apostate.

    Just think back to the child abuse thread -- this was a couple years before Bill Bowen, where I said that the organization could be sheltering abusers. There was also a masturbation thread where I openly stated that I didn't see anything wrong with it. I wish I had those archives -- there were plenty of occasions where my comments actually caused dozens of regular participants to quit visiting the board.


  • wasasister

    After my soon-to-be-ex husband began tapping my phone (he was an MS at the time), he turned over the tapes to the elders. Although there was nothing at all incriminating on the tapes, I was outraged because I sometimes conducted business from my home and confidential client information was exchanged.

    I contacted my attorney who told me it was a criminal offense in my state. I then wrote a very diplomatic letter warning the elders that my husband had exposed them as parties to a crime. While I assured them I would never think of implicating them in any investigation, I could not guarentee that the other parties who were involved would hold them blameless.

    Needless to say, they left me completely alone after that.

  • blondie

    Yay, wasasister! Wottawoman!

  • jesussaves

    I didn't do this deliberately to piss them off, but they were pissed anyhow. I used to fall asleep at the bookstudy. I was twenty one and had just started a job at the post office carrying mail. I would come to the bookstudy in my letter carrier uniform (dirty) and promptly go right to sleep. Sometimes the conductor would tell someone to wake me. I was just trying to make sure I didn't miss any meetings. I should've just gotten my much needed rest.


  • ColdRedRain

    Heh, I remember when I was actually an active and brainwashed dubbie, I actually objected to the topic on masturbation. Now, I wonder how I could live without it, lol.

    BTW, Obie, you know me very well, it's that I haven't come out of the XJW closet yet. I've been waiting a long time to tell you I was sorry for the crap I caused you with showing people posts on JW Freespeach. I thought I was doing a spiritual good.

    If you want to have a clue who I am, just look for a "Doktur" on your buddy list that happens to be from the midwest.

  • avishai

    This was'nt to piss the elders off, but I have an extremely snide, extremely gay friend,(think paul lynde w/ an attitude) who when asked @ the door by dubbies If he knew who jesus was, he said "Not in the biblical sense!"

  • SPAZnik

    ... when asked @ the door by dubbies If he knew who jesus was, he said "Not in the biblical sense!"

    hahahahahahaahah. that is AWESOME.

  • FlyingHighNow

    6 years ago. I wonder where the Dome went.

  • wantarevolution

    the major one for me in my old hall was always turning in a field service report 1 hour under the country average - they could never understand why i wasn't reaching out.

    I would consistantly go to the hall we shared with's meeting when there was a concert or game i wanted to watch - (when the world cup was in Korea i would be at the pub watching the game (with an elder, who is now no longer one and inactive, and still one of my best mates) and drinking beer at 10 am on a sunday morning, then go for a big fry up, before rocking up to the meeting - he took the watchtower, I read :)

    I was never an attendant at assemblies or on car park, officially cos I wanted to listen to the talks, unofficially because i was lazy and had found a surefire way of entertaining myself through the assembly (by playing "assembly bingo" with my friends)

    whenever I would meet with any elders (Aside from the one above) they would always "encourage" me to do more in jehovah's service and sigh when i said that i felt by concentrating on my bible reading and keeping up with the speed of jehovah's organisation was more than enough

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