What did you do to piss the brothers off?

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  • willdabeerman

    damn alot of these are really good.i got in trouble for my "occupation that promoted aheem....lewd conduct,alcoholism,and immorality"..PLEASE! alot of these muther f*ckers were the ones drinking my products.well it went downhill from there.the last s/m talk i gave i had my shirt untucked.wasent really into it,so i guess i had a monotone voice(thats what they said).long story short. at my last j/c. i told em all fuck you and walked out.funny thing is...now i see alot of em in the bars i sell beer to,normally plastered..but what can ya do?

  • Mary

    Our PO was/is the epitome of a dirty old man. Always leering at anything female......during the WT studies he just loved dwelling on the scriptures that talked about a woman's "flow of blood" and how "unclean" she was during this time. He's probably the only JW to ever go home and whack off over a WT study article.

    Anyway, I'd had enough of his crap, so I phoned Bethel on him. Gave his name, the congregation and told them that he was a pig and that none of the sisters could stand him.

    He obviously was spoken to cause he seemed to improve slightly for about 3 months. He knows it was me that called, but he's got no proof, so dare's nuthin he can do except give me the evil eye every time he walks by. I just grin. After all, I'm just trying to keep the congregation clean!

    Funny, the scumbag never came to see me in the hospital with my surgery LOL!

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  • Iwasyoungonce


    You made me yell as I read about the brother who drank more than you.

    I'll change the names to protect the names of the innocent.

    I have a "friend" who has a story...

    OK. This friend has a wife. She was disfellowshipped for "creating gossip." Of course she was not spreading the gossip, that was by other people. Apparently it is not a crime to "spread" gossip in some KH's it is a crime to be the subject of gossip. Well she said she is not going to stand in front of a bunch of men who will decide if or if not Jehovah will love her today or next week or ever. So df'ed for not showing up to her own linching. Later her sister was sleeping with her boyfriend. (Of course they we JUST sleeping on the bed...lol) when her dad came over, They lied and said that the boyfriend had just come over... Anyway this friends wife said that her sister is doing exactly what she was doing and got df'ed for.

    The sister of this wife, who is my friend, said "No." The difference between us is you got caught. Of course when the gestopo did find out she cried real hard at the hearing and was privatly reproved because she really, really, did not want her mom to know.

    The boyfriend was also babtized but I don't know if anything happened to him. (He is being groomed for eldership)

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    I didn't go to any hall, but one day at my house I told the truth, then some guys in suits came back and I told the truth again, then the first lot did wickedness on us - and now I tell more truth - I'm pretty sure it pisses them off.

  • teenyuck

    I went to college and never looked back. That really made them mad. I was a B-C student and the PO's neice was on the honor roll and did not get to go. That made them both mad...

  • mindfield

    I've told this one a couple times already, but it's basically the worst (and only) thing I've done to piss the elder (s) off...

    At a district convention, a "brother" on the podium had the braindead idea of saying the "Simpsons" were an example of the wordly attitutes invading our lives. At first, I was just shocked, realizing what he had actually declared to the masses. Insulting the Simpsons? This with other, more vulgar programs like "South Park" and "Ally Mcbeal"? Well, at the time, I almost took it as a personal attack (Ah, my childhood days) and I finally got the courage to talk about it with an elder a few months later. He didn't have much to explain what the brother had said, and I think he was a bit surprised that I was so steadfast/obnoxious in my opinion. No backing down for me, nosirree. So anyway, we both disagreed after a bit of discussing. A few weeks later, he comes back to me with the same topic. Again, we discuss, I refuse to acknowledge the "truth" of the "brother's" words, and the discussion ends. The discussions finally ended when I talked to a CO about the issue ( Kids...) and to my surprise and joy, he acknowledged brothers had to be very careful about what they said "up front". So I went back to the elder, confronted him with the CO's words, and he finally told me something smarter than he had before... that brothers sometimes told their own opinions up front. Now that was a breakthrough, wasn't it? ... Or maybe not.

    Never getting baptized after 16 years, even being born in the truth, also pissed them off... especially one elder, who went through a particularly annoying phase where he would ask me after my "talks" when I would get baptized... aaaaargh.

    Not much, but even now, I'm sure I annoy them on a subtle level... after all, how could an 18 year old, out of the truth, possibly remain respectful, calm and keep a non-rebellious attitute? Hehe... gotcha there, pal.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I went to the elders to report a charge of sexual abuse against my father. Our CO came over to my house to explain to me that "seeking justice is just another name for vengence". He then went on to tell me that children can hurt a parent more than a parent can hurt a child. I told it was obvious he had never been sodomized. He told me I had a bad attitude. I then laced into him with every profane word I knew; I even dropped the big "F" bomb. I told him where to go, what to do when he got there and what he could shove up his ass. I then informed him that if he ever darkened my door again I would cheerfully demonstrate to him exactly what my father did.

  • Bendrr

    All I had to do to piss the brothers (and sisters) off was just be there.

    Francois, you forgot to mention something about C. B. Mitchell. Do I need to remind you what it is?

    I pissed C. B. off once. (maybe I've told this one before so forgive me if I have)

    I used to make coffee at the conventions in Macon. I inherited the job when I was like 14 or 15 from my uncle and basically was in charge of coffee at the conventions. One convention rolls around when I was 16 and C. B. was in charge of food service. He calls me and my folks up before the convention and wants me to come in to the facility the night before the convention during setup so I could get the coffee maker ready and also make coffee for the crew setting up the stage and all. I always had to go in early to prep the machine before conventions because the facility's staff never cleaned it and it was always trashed. But this time I was asked to go in the night before. So he drives down and picks me up, drops me off at the Macon Coliseum, and leaves. I get the "coffee dept" ready to roll, make a pot (that's about 5 gallons) for the setup crew, and then wait. The setup crew doesn't want coffee or even acknowledge me. In fact eventually they all leave and I'm there by myself. I finally call my mom and dad and tell them what's going on. My dad calls an elder friend who lived close to the Coliseum and Benny picks me up at like 3 or 4 in the morning and I crash on his couch for a few hours before the convention. Then I get up and get in there and start making coffee for the thousands of caffeine-starved dubs. (Benny McClain was a great guy, I really appreciate him doing that)

    At the convention that day my dad pulled C. B. Mitchell to the side and tore him a new asshole for leaving me alone like that. That didn't sit well with C. B. at all. C. B. and the other food service "heavies" who used to love me to pieces suddenly hated my guts. They even had a "meeting" with me right at the table beside the platform during a lunch break about my "attitude" and I lost my "privilege" of making coffee.


    p.s. C. B. Mitchell is still dead by the way!

  • wednesday

    I told more than one elder that i would never confide in elders again, and they had no control over my life I told them i only answered to jehovah. I answered at WT study and BS from the bible and paid little reference to the material form the mags/books. should have seen the supicious looks i got.

    I began using the bible in ministy and talking about jesus and alarmed some to the point i was worked with in service by elders to see what i was saying to see if i was following the society's outline.

  • minimus

    regularly come in late and then make a stink about ending on time.

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