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    Unfortunately, I can not put all my faith in something I have never seen.

    I believe in God's eyes, if it ain't all, it's nothing. Because if you say half of your faith is in God, and there is a God, then your other half is someplace it ought not to be. Right?

    Well, I think it's only fair that gifts are given fairly. Do you give
    one child the most expensive precious gifts and the other shitty ones
    and expect him to be thankful?

    If God doesn't give one man a gift, then it's obvious that man is not God's child. I always remember Christ called the Jews sons of the Devil. Obviously no gift for them.

    Are you unfair to your children?

    Of course not.

    Assuming there is a God and he gives us life why give others a good one and
    others such a crappy one?

    What's to define good and bad? You? Me? Can any man dictate that standard? That's the whole point. What's Good and Bad is a standard that is set by God alone. When God says the least will be the most, that to me cancels out all the bad. ALL OF IT. Because what is least, is a man BORN IN THE CRAP with no choice, and then chosen to be glorious beyond his wildest dreams ALSO not by his choice, but by God's grace. Now, who do you think should have the choice in making glorious one who really was the least? You? Me?

    God has permitted injustice in order for justice to prevail. Eventually.

    It seems to defeat the generosity of life-giving if some die 6 months into their life or if some are born extremely retarded or others have such debilitating diseases that they suffer their entire lives. What a great gift! Some would rather have not been born, or others are so slow mentally, or in so much pain physically that they can't appreciate it.

    So, who are you/we going to blame, the cause or the affect? I blame the cause. God is NOT the cause, but his SEEMING delay is an affect. Science has a simple law, for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. The action was opposition to God, the reaction is a delayed reaction to the Opposer. There will certainly be a reaction, but everything had to be made just so in order for the reaction to be overwhelming, universal and unequivocable in scope AND SO IT WILL NOT FAIL. Once the reaction happens, there could never be another similar action of opposition.

    Well once again assuming there is a God and he's perfect in his decision
    making then he would do things fairly and give gifts of love and
    knowledge fairly. Especially to those that have looked for and longed
    for him, such as me.

    Oh, so is your understanding the standard we all should use for what's fair? How about this angle: All men from Adam forward are NOT God's children, they are offspring of the corruption of Satan, and we have inherited corruption from the Master Corruptor. Now, if we ALL are on equal par as piles of garbage, and God so chooses to pick SOME out of that pile to be ADOPTED as his through a spiritual process, is there ANYONE who can say God is unfair in doing that? Suppose God knows by His omniscience and abilities to foreordain each every man, who is who even before they were born?

    If God is the potter and you and I are clay, does the clay tell the potter what to do? Suppose God with the clay makes one man like a beautiful vase, and another he makes into a ceramic toilet bowl...Who are we to argue? You? Me?

    If I totally believed in god why would I seek him out?

    Because His resources are ENDLESS, as creation echos quite loudly. The macrocosm knows no end, and the microcosm the same.

    It's when you doubt something that you search for it to either reassure that it really exists or know once and for all that it's a fairy tell.

    Jesus made a correlation of DOUBT and faith, and it is NOT what you say:

    Matt 14:31
    Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. "You of little faith," he said, "why did you doubt?"

    Little faith and doubt go hand in hand. Ask God for more faith, and it will be given you.

    Lies. I have doubts and I truly seek, why do you think I've searched the
    Bible and various religions and even put this question to the board?
    I've also prayed. . .

    Matt 21:21-22
    21 Jesus replied, "I tell you the truth, if you have faith and do not doubt, not only can you do what was done to the fig tree, but also you can say to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and it will be done. 22 If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer."

    Pray for more faith and do not doubt.

    James 1:6-8
    6 But when he asks, he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. 7 That man should not think he will receive anything from the Lord; 8 he is a double-minded man, unstable in all he does.

    Well, I'm glad that your beliefs are unshakeable, I thought mine were too
    Nothing lasts forever

    That is so untrue.

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    I assume that Hooberus' 'evidence' against Evolution and for a young earth will be similar to his arguments on this thread:

    I think he's and ICR/CRS cut and paster.


  • hooberus

    please read the last part of the post which rem refers to.

    rem admits that her grandparents are . . .fish

  • hooberus

    sorry, I think rem might be a he . . . my appologies

    he thinks he came from fish

  • rem

    And hooberus thinks he came from some imaginary supernatural being - a being in which there is no evidence that it exists. At least we know that ancient fish existed.


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    I give up with you. I love that fact that you are quoting the Bible to an agnostic. To me Jesus was just another man, a very charasmatic man, but just a man. So quoting him will get you no where with me.

    I will pick about your statements once again, but I have tired of it. I wish to discuss these things with someone who has not already condemned me.

    If God doesn't give one man a gift, then it's obvious that man is not God's child. I always remember Christ called the Jews sons of the Devil. Obviously no gift for them.

    That's me, I suppose, "not God's child".

    I apologize beforehand for the comment I am about to make; but you are the reason I abhor religion. Religious people, especially Christians, are extremely judgemental and closeminded. I know because I used to be there myself. I opened this thread hoping that if there is a God, he'd see that I was searching for him. But all you tell me is:

    the man does not choose God

    So regardless of what I do God may not choose me. . .

    how can someone with doubts truly be seeking God

    So I guess God thinks I don't want to know him because I have doubts, how loving. .

    sons of the Devil. Obviously no gift for them

    So since I fit your description of the Devil's son, I'll recieve no gift. . .

    God so chooses to pick SOME out of that pile to be ADOPTED as his through a spiritual process

    Why didn't he choose me? I am a good person, I searched and prayed, and I guess that means nothing so I remain in the garbage. . .

    Little faith and doubt go hand in hand. Ask God for more faith, and it will be given you.
    I have asked but I guess he wants to leave me in the garbage pile. . .
  • pomegranate

    You have faith in evolution.

    You are trying to serve two masters.

    That will get you what you have.

    PS. I have called nor judged you NONE of what you have defined and accepted as yourself.

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    Tonight you have my brain. Every single thing you have said on this thread are my thoughts and feelings exactly. (just kidding about your name BTW)

    You know what I get from this thread? All of these posters trying their best to explain all this stuff and everyone has a different viewpoint. Pom has found what makes him comfortable, Zechariah feels God is using him, others have their own ideas.

    Here is the biggy. Someone is wrong if not everyone. It is impossible for all these IDEAS to be correct. That's my prroblem. If we have a daddy up there who loves us, and see's us searching for him, praying to him, crying because we are lost and need answers, he see's us re-searching, he see's us asking others for advise.....he see's ALL of this going on with his children and what does he do about it?

    Does he weep and cry for us and say..."I will answer you my child because I love you"?

    He hasn't done that for me and it doesn't sound like he has done it for you either.Suppose you or I died tomarrow? Then would we miss out on God not answering our plea? Some would tell us that "God will IN TIME answer you if you dig for him, and call to him hard enough" Well, what if we did die tomarrow? I guess we missed out eh?

    I am to the point of getting really tired of trying to figure all this out. I am mad at God and mad at those who try and explain all this to me because everyone has a different idea and I am not that friggin dumb to think someone has it right. If someone has it right then why them and not me or you? Why doesn't God let ALL know this TRUTH this person has?

    I guess I'll die a grumpy old bastard and never comforting. Thanks lord for your help.

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    You are a breath of fresh air. . .

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