JanG - You're a Legend!

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  • Beck_Melbourne

    I received this email only seconds ago and I'm just passing it on to those that knew Jan, I have no other details:

    Jan Groenveld will no longer be a part of these forums. She passed away in her sleep last night. The family has requested that this information be passed on to those who knew her.


  • nilfun

    Pick a flower for us and give it to her with our love and best wishes will you .....JanG

    I am struck that that was in one of her last posts.

    I didn't know her, but I offer my condolences...I truly have no words...

  • Mackin

    My god, she only posted here a day ago. I'm so sorry. Jan did a lot of good work.

    My deepest sympathies to those who know and loved her.


  • Jesika

    Is she the one who posted about all the occult articles or is this a different Jan??

    I am soooooooooo sorry and please send my love to the family???

    To hear of someone's loss always saddens me, LOVE TO ALL!!!


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  • Beck_Melbourne


    Yes Jan would be the one posting cult articles...she was very passionate about informing people about just about anything associated with cult awareness or exjw.

    Her heart was in the right place and she meant well by it. And I agree Mackin, she did a lot of good work and she never stopped trying to push for change.

    nilfun, thanks for posting her last post...it just goes to show she was thinking of others right to the end. Bless her.

  • Simon

    That's very sad news ... can anyone who knew her confirm this?

  • Derrick

    It is difficult to comprehend. Is this really true? If not, well, then I'm glad that Jan will get to read what I'm about to say. If it is true and Jan has left this life, then I'm still glad that she will get to read what I'm about to say from her new home in the heavens.

    First I have to say that among all whom I have had the privilege to meet on the cyberspace forums, it was Jan Groenveld who sacrificed the most with what little resources she had to offer.

    Jan's post in the City of Lights forum on August 5, 2002 (with her recent photo) was one of many in that forum that demonstrated her love and tireless dedication to others:


    Jan created and moderated the forum A Little Laughter Is Good For What Ails Us where many of her humorous and heart-lightening postings there in 2001 have unfortunately expired. Still, the forum remains as one of her numerous legacys to caring about the feelings of others:


    Next I wish to add that Jan, as a matter of fact, labored tirelessly to moderate H2O for years. She remained long after many moderators (notice their ID numbers were in the hundreds range as a testament to their turnover rate) were no longer able to serve in this capacity on H2O.

    Finally, it's needless to say that Jan's absence will create a vacuum in my life, that's for sure, and in the lives of many others who depended on her for not just help, but like the loss of a close family member, someone whom I considered almost like an Aussie "mom" looking out after myself and H2O.

    Jan, I know you're reading this, either because rumors of your demise were unfounded or because you have finally answered the question of whether God truly exists.

    I recognize you're busy getting settle down and getting into the swing of things for your new life in God's Kingdom. You have done so much, and only now will those who may have taken your dedication to all of us for granted will finally appreciate your sacrifices in this life.

    Until we are reunited on the other side of the coming transition between this dying ancient world, and incorruptible life in a place where Heaven and Earth finally merge into a complete Kingdom under Jehovah our God, I'll miss you, Jan.


  • ugg

    deep sadness....

  • Jesika

    That is who I thought it was. When I read this I about fell out of my chair. What a wonderful and kind hearted person. I hope it isnt true, but if it is---Jan I love you. Thank you for sending me all the wonderful info.

    She sent me funny emails and serious ones too, but they were all great. I will miss her.



  • Beck_Melbourne


    I just rang and spoke to the family. They do not know when the service will be at this stage, it only happened this morning.

    I have an address for anyone that wants it to send their condolences.


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