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    trybalance said...

    "Wanted to add that I told them at the kingdom hall that I did not believe all the stuff they teach. They tried to explain their way of seeing things but I just was honest with them and they left me alone."

    Well, all I can say is WOW!! I wish it was that easy for everybody. If it was that easy, we'd all be moving on with life. But IT AIN'T! Of course, I do realize that you had this type of response because you're just a tag-along with your wife. But if you only understood how it is NOT like this when we as JW's decide to leave. There is much pain and anguish, especially when we have family members still in. So please understand why some of us here may have a negative attitude.....it's all part of the healing process so that we in time can "move on" too.

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    This Thread has gotten HUGE since last night.

    TryBalance sure has made some interesting statements.

    Here are a couple I found highly interesting:

    I also know that no where in anything that I wrote did I call anyone a name or accuse anyone of anythng.

    And this one:

    You guys enjoy the wtchtower and you just love this stuff. Can't figure out why, and you can't figure out why either.

    Hmmmm, hey, it looks like he just said that everyone on this Board LOVES AND ENJOYS the Watchtower Society.

    I personally resent that, and in fact, he did call us names.

    He said that we are all WATCHTOWER-LOVERS.


    I for one, do not like TryBalance's "Not-Give-A-Crap" "Move On With Your Life" "It's not the Watchtower's Fault" attitude towards PEDOPHILES.

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