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  • kelsey007

    Hampton- I outlined why I put credibility in the post crediting Mr Franz for the comments. I also stated that I had no way of verifying the validity of the comments atributed to Mr Franz- You accusation of me putting words in Mr Franzes mouth takes a "question" I asked (not a statement) out of context- much like the jw's do often. I also was kind enough to call it a missquote rather than a lie as others have inferred.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I think this shows the danger of throwing out accusations unless they are backed up hard evidence. I think it also shows the folly of a knee jerk reaction, i.e. lashing out in anger or frustration at someone, anyone because events are not moving as quickly as planned. As an abuse survivor I support Silent Lambs but we are approaching a time when credibility issues will become an issue. I do not know Bill, but I do admire and respect what he has carved out of nothing and in the face of a formidible opponent.

    I went through an angry and bitter time in my life when I realized that Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, an organization I totally believed in and was loyal to, was nothing but a sham, a lie and rotten to the core. I don't know if this is what Bill is feeling at the moment but if it is then I think it is understandable. Many people here have expressed their own anger and bitterness towards Jehovah's Witnesses. We all need a break now and then. Perhaps this is something Bill should consider. It would be terrible to ruin a golden opportunity as we have now to finally expose a serious problem within a closed organization.

    Just my thought.

  • RandomTask
    Your watchtower training has taught you well in avoiding questions, looking forward to your edit.

    Who the hell are you? Darth Vader?

  • Crazy151drinker

    How do you people get those cool little borders around your quotes?????

  • teejay

    It's a shame that Bill chose this site to excoriate Ray Franz, Ray being a man who, whenever he could, always championed truth and has done so much to help to many.

    You have done yourself no favors, Bill Bowen. In fact, you may have done yourself and your cause considerable harm. A pity.

  • jwsons

    The 2 eye witnesses ? I thought someone already talked about it clearly : It's wrong

    Should I say about the poster of this quote ? No, Just keep him like the way he wants. Sorry everyone


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  • kelsey007

    Simply stated Mr Bowen should leave some of his judgements and thoughts to be shared with only his wife and very close friends. Given the spotlight that he has put himself in he is doing a lot of damage to his reputation and credibility. My heart goes out, not to Mr Bowen- he took this road by choice- but to the abuse victims that he claims to offer aid and support to. They are the ones who will be most hurt by all the negatism around silent lambs due to some of the public statements and letters atributed to Mr Bowen. They are the ones that this cause is suppose to be centered around-

    In all due respect to Mr Bowen- maybe he needs a good PR person. Hey Bush has to have one- left untethered Bush's mouth could really ruin his credibility. (i.e. **** is a major league ass hole)

  • Amazing

    Many things are being said about confusion, misunderstanding ... and while this may have some bearing on the matter, the two items that caused me to call Ray Franz were the allegation that Ray "supports" the Watchtower policy on child abuse, a policy that I cannot imagine Ray supporting or authoring, and also these words of Bill's regarding Ray's character made in his post on IW thread:

    "He wrote a book that was dynamic in what it reveals, but his silence regarding abuse causes me to question his ability to stand for what is morally and ethically right."

    Ray Franz is a modern ex-JW hero who almost single-handedly demolished Watchtower doctrine and gave many of us our lives back. He is now getting up in years, having sufferred from a recent stroke ... to expect a man in his situation to be out there in open public support is in my opinion not reasonable ... but then to add in a question of Ray's moral and ethical character is unacceptable, and fails to fit the facts about who Ray is and how he has helped many people in many ways ...

    Bill too has been on a modern hero track, bringing the Watchtower Society to accountability, and I fail to understand why in the world my friend Bill would says such things about my friend Ray, in public, where tens of thousands of ex-JWs and others read it ... and so, I decided I would talk to Ray personally and get his comments.

    I strongly believe that we need to work together as much as possible and 'just get along' as Rodney King stated ... but when a person's moral and ethical character is placed into public question, then they at least deserve to be heard ... so, I hope that I have not pissed off Bill in the process, but I cannot stand by and see my friend Ray Franz lambasted in public and do nothing.

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  • VeniceIT

    OMG I can't belive what I've read here OMG!!!


  • Mulan

    Why, Ven? Don't you think it's deserved?

    He shouldn't have said anything. He didn't have to share his opinion on that subject. Ray is precious to many of us here. Moe said she came out of the WTS because of Ray's books, not because of Silentlambs. It's a clue.

    Having said that, I will add that I really like Bill, and totally support Silentlambs.

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