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    tks !

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    Willy, I felt exactly the same for all the same reasons. Except for #5 (we have no children) I can personally attest to all of them. Especially, the last one. I wish I had gotten smarter sooner. The Internet access was what did it for me. Finding I was not alone in how I felt.--Blondie

    1. Severe lack of true Christian love in the organization

    2. Abundant hypocrisy, especially with respect to "prominent ones" in the fold

    3. Cult-like behavor involving total control, both physical and mental, over "the flock"

    4. Doctrines and teachings that changed back and forth and made no common sense

    5. Emerging awareness of the emotional and intellectual harm I imposed on my children while they were growing up (we have no children)

    6. The realization that there is a big difference between the JW religion and spirituality

    7. A strong hope that it isn't too late to turn around and make amends in the years I have left

  • BluesBrother

    You may add me to any list of ex elders....first appointed 1974.. I served in most positions like the school, secretary , WT conductor . I had a break once when I moved house to a new cong, and the so and so's did not want to use me as an elder, (They failed to recognize my deep spirituality )

    Back on the body a bit later I worked the treadmill until 1997 . when I realised that something was deadfully wrong, and could not in all conscience continue to stand up and teach what I no longer believed

    I am [email protected]

    Why do so many elders leave? I guess we have seen it from the inside. We know that everyyhing in the garden is not lovely. We know that so many of the cong have little secrets that are never announced but handled privately. We see the workings of the elder body and the CO and have a lot more insight to the Society. I suppose we are not fooled any more.

    Mind you, it still took something special to shake me . the trouble is that you are just so busy with a routine of items, duties and paperwork. You never have time to stop and think about it , and of course the Society is always right. "It is true, because we know it is the truth - right?" and it is unthinkable to deny it , until you get the courage to think the unthinkable

  • Rabbit
    They told me that their son in law was accusing his wife of molesting her 5 year old daughter and her twin boys as well. The son in law reported this to childrens aid saying the Grandmother was also involved in the molestation.The Cong. overseer was involved along with 4 wt adherents in kidnapping the children . 2 years later the case went to court and i introduced the booklet from a the states put out by the WT that coaches the children to lie under oath. The lady judge convened the court to read the booklet and handed down a decision later on giving the children back to the mother and putting the son in law on the childrens aid registry alert. The transcript stated that this case was sorbid and bizzare.

    Nice folks aye Don

    Hi Don,

    Enjoyed reading yours and others experiences 'from the inside.' I read with interest about the booklet, where children are coached to lie under oath ! What booklet was that...and do you have a copy? I would greatly appreciate it if you or anyone else who has this info, could scan and post it here.

    Rabbit - Reg.Pioneer 3 years

  • jst2laws

    Hello everone,

    I wish I could add those who have asked to the original list but a thread this old cannot be edited. So either tomorrow or over the week end I will add the new names and post it here or in a new thread.

    Meanwhile those who would like to be added, I will also add the number of years as an elder or bethelite and your email addi if you would like. Just give me the info.


  • alamb

    Rabbit: It's the custody brochure. I believe it's on Randy's site and readily available if you want to buy one for around $5 from Duane Magnani in California. I have a court video of the city overseer (25 year elder) denying it exists and has never heard of it while sweating profusely? Can you say perjury?

    P.S. ex-Auxiliary pioneer, Regular Pioneer, Bethel applicant, Elder's wife

  • Dansk

    That's a point! Wasn't Randy (Dogpatch) an elder?


  • mouthy

    ( As I sit here with a head covering on) I wish to commend all the above for admitting to being "top Dogs" in a cruel society>>> So glad to know your not returning to your vomit!!!!

    It is encouraging to hear your hearts & minds were troubled about the harsh treatment many elders hand out to r&f ...Now when I think of all the times I walked the streets trying to jump under that bus ( after being DF)many of you were wising up.

    ( Head covering still on)."Please Lord open the minds of all those with good hearts to also see the TRUTH" AMEN!!!!!

    Aside to Don Smith..... I remember where you used to put the book C of C while sneaking it on Phyliss ( under the couch>> I still laugh at that...

  • Analysis

    Add me to the list. I resigned in late 1998. The last straw was a newly appointed CO. I was feed up with the lack of love and concern for the congregation.

    I have yet to read Ray's book. If you go back and read the old Russell and Rutherford books you will find enough to see the real "truth" about the truth.

  • Dogpatch

    you can add me, Dogpatch, 3 years as an elder at Bethel

    Watchtower audio and video!

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