Things JWs don't say

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  • minimus

    "I'm an apostate", "this meeting was soo good", "We're here SELLING books"

  • blindfool

    How about, "I'm a born again Christian"

    or you don't see witnesses wearing WWJD (what would Jesus do?) shirts or braclets.

    How about when Jesus said "let the one free from sin cast the first stone." I would bet money that an elder never said that in a judical hearing!!

  • Wolfgirl
    There was a earthshaking debate as to calling the board in the back of the hall, an information board or a bulletin board. Calling it the wrong thing could get you publicly reproved.

    I remember that. Bulletin board was bad because that's what the churches called it, or something stupid like that. We had to callit the information board.

    When my mum was studying, she told someone who refused to talk to her at the door, "Alright, it's your funeral."

  • emancipated

    When my dad was first going out in service he used to tell people if they wouldn't listen he was shaking the dust off his feet at their door. LOL

  • AvailableLight

    "Let's get tickets for a Metallica show."

    "We can't forget to pick up some rice on the way to the wedding."

    "Think for yourself."

    To a brother: "Nice earing."

    "Spirituality isn't about following rules, it's about having compassion for others like Jesus did."

    "It might be better for the couple to figure out whether they're sexually compatible before marriage."

    "Masturbation isn't that big of a deal."

    "The traditions of wedding ceremonies have pagan origins just like the holidays, but we like weddings so we just ignore that."

    "The society ought to rethink the blood policy."

    "The politics among the body of elders are very obvious."

    "I'm not sure an elder without a high school diploma can help me through my case of clinical depression."

    "Honey, the society has its head up its ass, let's have oral sex." [Not sure about this one, I think some JWs might actually say that. ]

    "I LOVE R-rated movies!"

    "I like the color scheme of the American flag."

    "I'm gay and PROUD!"

  • blondie

    Most people thought they knew what papal bull was. This is one dictionary's definition.

    Main Entry: 4 bullFunction: nounEtymology: Middle English bulle, from Medieval Latin bulla, from Latin, bubble, amulet
    Date: 14th century
    1 : a solemn papal letter sealed with a bulla or with a red-ink imprint of the device on the bulla

    Thus a bulletin board is where papal (pope) bulls are posted. JWs consider it a Catholic/false religious term.

    I wonder why JWs say goodbye which really means God be with you? Can you say that to a non-witness?

    Of course, information board when used at the KH could be an oxymoron.

  • Elders_Kid

    Once while in service I made a comment about using the magazines as coasters. I said that I couldn't understand why a person wouldn't want to accept them at the door, they would probably be able to soak up at least a half a cup of coffee. Funny thing is that I was the only one laughing.


  • TR

    "This religion is really full of shit, but I'm afraid 'hovah will kill me if I leave."


  • reubenfine

    "I think I'll name my kid Trinity."

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