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  • JT

    Not to you maybe, but to a spirit being who had never known suffering, pain or mortality, slumming it for a while would probably be fun. A lot like rich kids who go backpacking for a year in India. They may live in poverty for a while, and even get a bad case of "Delhi belly" but they know daddy's credit card is there to bail them out. It's hardly a sacrifice. Nor was Jesus' brief foray into the world of humanity. 30 years of perfect health, three years of fame and infamy, one hectic week during which he partied for a while, got arrested, and "died" for a day and a half. Big deal! And I bet he bored the angels half to death with his stories when he got back!


    This post entitles you to the Honor of being: "A Damn Fool"- smile

    I loved it this post will go into my scapebook- ihey man the down home folksy way you put this is so real

    especially the part about daddy's credit card-

    i have never heard it put like this but thie really descibes the jesus story to a tee in good old street language

    thanks man and keep up the posting i like your style of writing

  • JT

    dave says:


    It's bullshit, not horseshit. Get your shit straight pal.


    see dave you ain't NO GOOD

  • seven006

    Damn it JT, Don't make me come back there and smack you! Who's driving this thread anyhoo?

    I ain't no that hurt damn it! You got me cry'n again. I'm fricken sensitive for christ sakes.

  • gumby

    Yeru; before this thread dies ...please explain this comment of yours

    No, God didn't put the sin in us , God gave us the ability to choose, and often times we choose badly.

    Who did? Adam? Where did Adam get it if he did? When Adam sinned...something changed in him to make him not perfect. Who or what did that? Wasn't it God? God is the one who said " if you eat of the will die". I would say God put the imperfection in Adam where it was impossible for him NOT to sin.....wouldn't you?

    God gave us the ability to choose, and often times we choose badly.

    God gave us the ability to choose what? To sin or not to sin? No. Remember.......we can't help but choice.

    Do you have a choice not to sin Yeru? Horseshit......Bullshit

  • plmkrzy
    OK, murder is a sin because it violates the rights of another person, i.e. the right to life of the victim.

    Ok funky, How the hell did rights get involved? Other then it's another thing "invented" by people.

    If the earth is a product of spontaneous combustion and people are a product of flat worms where the hell did "rights" originate?

    Does the Lion have the "lions right" to eat the antelope? Or is the lion violating the antelopes rights? OR is the lion committing a sin? No wait it wouldn't be a sin because the lion isn't going to kill more then it can eat. But still does that mean that Lions rights supersede antelope rights?

    We all live or exist on a food chain. Humans are at the top as long as something else doesnt eat them.

    So who declared human rights "The king of rights?

    Why don't we have the right to kill someone if they are getting on our nerves?

  • gumby

    where the hell did "rights" originate?

    Wow plummer! Now your getting deep

    We all anxiously await funky's response!

    ( I think talking about your new boobs was more fun) I still want yeru's answer though

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  • funkyderek
    Ok funky, How the hell did rights get involved? Other then it's another thing "invented" by people

    That's a damn good question, plmkrzy and philosophers have been musing over it for centuries? Are there "natural rights" or a rights an artificial and arbitrary concept? I tend to agree with the Founding Fathers of the USA that certain rights are "self-evident" and "unalienable".

    The only way that humans can function as humans is if they have the ability to live free from oppression, with the ability to fulfill their potential as humans (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness). Otherwise, civilisation, progress, art and science - the things that make us what we are - become impossible.

    I can understand how this view of rights is somewhat questionable, but I think it is the only workable system. I don't see how the existence of a god would alter that unless you believe that "might is right".

  • Yerusalyim


    You're a pretty good guy too, soooooo NA NA DA BOO BOO! How's that. Look dude, I'm not trying to push my views on anyone. I'm stating my opinions and like everyone else, I could be wrong (had to type that word 50 times before it came out right).


    Do we HAVE to sin, no, that is a choice. To understand my view you would also have to understand/accept the mystical nature of sin. My most personal private sin has an affect on the whole world, how or why, I'm not really sure (honesty) but, that's my point of view. Adam's sin affected the world as a whole. We, as humans, are good because God made us, but are inclined to make bad choices in regards to sin because of a) Adam's sin, and b) the cumulative effect of sin.

    You don't have to accept the explanation, but there it is.

  • gumby

    Humans are at the top of the food chain with rights over other lower creatures eh?

    Try coming face to face with a grizzly out in the woods and see who comes out.....".at the top of the food chain"

  • seven006


    That's what I said, read what I wrote, I'm not doing this for fun I'm trying to save your soul. I'm a god damn soul saver damn it! Just agree that I'm right and your wrong and we can end this all. There's money in it for ya.


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