My Disfellowshipping

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  • Klaus Vollmer
    Klaus Vollmer

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  • seawolf
    When the first one goes down in court, they will be drawn and quartered. There may come a time when lawyers advertize for JW molestation victims as it will be like shooting fish in a barrel.

    This is something I've been thinking of a lot lately. Even from my outside knowledge(not being directly involved) I know this is coming and have told the people I know that I think it's gonna be a tidal wave. With 44 ppl suing the Hare Krishnas for $400 million and the Hare Krishnas facing possible bankruptcy, and the WTBTS having loads more sexual-abuse cases, it becomes quite clear where this is possibly going.......

  • twain30

    Some Comments Made By My JW Wife-(Up until now she hasn't been very aware of this situation):

    "That Heidi and Amber were obviously telling the truth."

    "Amber won alot of sympathy and Heidi cut them to ribbons."

    "That Bill Bowen is a bull dog, and if they disfellowship him they're stupid, they'll make a martyr out of him."

  • Free2Bme

    Thanks for what you have done, Bill. It's gut-wrenching stuff being df'd and even though you are kept busy by your hard work pushing the issue you will be going through private moments of hell. Well we understand and are here for you just like you've been there for all those victims of abuse.


    ps I couldn't help but laugh out loud at the singing bit as well

  • sf

    [[ "Some have compared it to the wizard of oz, personally I see no kindly little old man running the wizard, I see something far more sinister, evil and self serving." ]]:

    THEODORE JARACZ: 'SomeThing far more sinister, evil and self-serving'.

  • SloBoy

    Dear Bill,

    My wife and I were just commenting on what amazing things have taken place in the last year. She reminded me of the one poster who said," the Dateline story is coming, yeah, right, and so is Armageddon ". What great progress. Let all know that from here on out, things will never be the same with regard to WBTS policy. No matter how hard they try to confuse and obscure, it will never go back. And whenever I hear any of them tout what a great child abuse policy they NOW have, I'll know that whatever good there is in that policy came about through the courageous efforts of people like you. And that angers the hierarchy more than anything else, even the abuse of innocent children. From this point on, all that is left for the WBTS is to either accept accountability, make true, humble amends or continue in their desperate course of unquenchable dishonesty. As a recent ex-Witness, my life has been impacted. I'm sure that a great many of us on this site have, in their own way, in their own locale, been dealing with heart-breaking circumstances. We just want you to know how much your example meant to our sanity, our health, perhaps our very lives. Seeing others act noblely, inspires others to endure. Thank-you. What lies ahead, well , it could be a guessing game, but whatever happens, I pray we can say AND DO all those things that make us true brothers.

  • teejay
    teejay I have lost all JW family I am open for adoption and adoptees. It is time to start a "real" family based on unconditional love. What is that scripture about fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers? The fake ones are all gone now it is time to find a real family. -- Bill


    I told you the following many months ago and it still holds true...

    I haven't agreed with your every word or act since getting to know you (online), but that's to be expected between brothers. What I'm saying is that, if you would have me, I would consider it a privilege to adopt you into my family, and me into yours. We can't pick a single one of our blood relatives, but we can surely pick our friends and you'd be an awesome friend to have.

  • SYN

    Bill, you will always be welcome in my home. I'd be proud to have you as part of my family

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