My Disfellowshipping

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  • Dia

    1) Sheila needs a telephoto lense. We really want to see some of those pictures up close.

    2) As righteous as you are, you now have in your lap all the misery of a parent whose child runs off to join a cult. I know and can see how much you love these people. When the hubbub dies down, you are going to experience some GRIEF. We are there for you. May many more who are geographically NEAR to you also enter your lives to ease the pain of shunning by your very long-time friends. Denial is an amazing thing. (If nothing else, this should make somebody's graduate dissertation in psychology!)

    3) Joe, your words were so beautiful. And touch me very deeply (both of you). But think back; these are people who are ready to SACRIFICE their children's lives to the WTS! How can anything be surprising after that??

    Somewhere in the distance I hear a bell tolling. I think it is the opening of the 'First Church of Jehovah's Witnesses, Reformed'.

    Hope they have windows. And decent music.

  • Liberated


    Bill, for all of us who went quietly, THANK YOU.

    The wts is slowly losing their best.


  • SixofNine

    Bill, ya got me. I've realized for a long time that you were just avoiding df'ing as a way to further the cause of SilentLambs... not because you really wanted to be associated with JW's.

    But reading this, I could feel the hurt, the desire for justice that runs through the core person of any Jehovahs Witness who meets up with the arrogance of the system. I've known those feelings so many times... I can't think of any more frustrating thing in life.

    No matter how right we are, no matter how much we realize there is a great big wonderful world beyond JW's, those were our friends, those were our people, they should care. It hurts to know they don't.

    If they don't care, at least make them hear. You've done that. Bravo.

  • JT

    Some of us keep quiet and continue; we keep our heads down and outwardly comply to much, but there are paragraphs in the Watchtower study or in KM inserts which we never comment on or reply to when questions are asked, never in public, never to others. To close friends yes, but we keep quiet to others. Some of us continue. And we wait. And wait. We have patience. Our happiness, our zeal is gone, broken by harsh procedures by an organization which ;looks not at people but at hours used. But we see that beneath that are great Bible truths which are so prescious to us that we can endure much to be able to stick to them. So we continue. And we wait. because we know that our hour is coming, and it is coming perhaps sooner than one might expect. That's why I continue, and wait.</P> < old hippie
     many of us know how you feel and while many of us would love to help you see what we now see, we realize that EACH PERSON MUST GO ; thru the process, ; the nice part i guess is that at least we can tell you what the outcome will be if you have the views that you expressed it is only a matter of time before you reach the conclusion that we have ; THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS REFORM only a matter of you and all those others you spoke of that you share your views with, in time all of you will leave and be here with us, and it will not be because of anything you or i do it will be due to the FACT that you will realize that the Entire Super Structure upon which WT sits is wrong NAMELY WE SPEAK FOR GOD
     AND IF YOU DOJN'T LISTEN GOD WILL KILL YOU that is the foundation upon which wt has always sat and will always sit on but go at your own pace the only thing you will regret is what many of us do now
  • spider

    Five stars isn't enough for this post. They need to open up an entire new catagory. It feels like history in the making to me -

    You have stood up and been counted for doing what is right and I salute you.


    Bill and Joe - part of the six star post class

  • JT

    Bill you have summed it up very nicely

  • Sentinel

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much for your strength and courage during a most difficult time.


    Now you can really begin to LIVE, and put all of this unhappiness behind you. We all know that you will have a period of adjustment, which will no doubt be troublesome to you. But, you have been very brave in the face of the ENEMY, and you can always remember how they behaved to the very end!

    When I had sex the very first time in my life I was 21 years old. I had been a faithful little Christian JDub since I was thirteen. On my own, I called an Elder and told him that I'd made a mistake in judgement, and the next thing I know I am called into to a meeting before several Elders. My thread here, entitled, "How I Survived the Hearing to Disfellowship Me", describes how I was abused.

    At the time, even then, I knew that they had "abused me inappropriately in the nature of the explicit sexual inquiries". After the meeting, they advised me I was disfellowshipped and that I was not to discuss with anyone what went on at the hearing.

    I went right home and confided in my mother. She promptly told me that I must have "misunderstood" them, as no brother would ever speak to a young sister like that. I had no one to help me. I had made a mistake and had sought out the Elders for help. In order to set an example to the other young ones in the congregation, I was used to "show what happens" to one who "disobeys God's law".

    During my teenage years, I was told I could only be in the company of baptised brothers, and that they would never do anything inappropriate to me. What a laugh. Many times, I had to fight a brother off me....boys who tried to take my clothes off, and force themselves upon me! I was shocked. I told my mother....she didn't believe me. It was so true and so difficult to try to remain a good chaste Christian girl and not date guys that were "in the world". After several years of this "double standard" of behavior among JW teens, I began a relationship with a worldly guy and gave in to him.

    We had a "situation" in our congregation with certain ones. Most of us knew which ones to stay clear of. I don't know if they were Pedofiles, but they probably were. We were just told to be discrete and keep our mouths shut and wait on Jehovah. (This was also the way the congregations dealt with any sister who was being physically abused by her husband.)

    I am so sad for all the ones that have had to silently keep these "secrets" and that the WTBTS protected such individuals, causing great emotionally harm and even disfellowshipping of the innocent. Is this what the creator wants? We all know the answer to that, except the WTBTS. They will hold to their lies even as they sink beneath the waves of humanitarian justice.

    What goes around, comes around. We all need to speak up and speak out. Finally, our time has come.

    Love and Light,


  • Satanus

    In pictures 'out the door' and 'no more meetings', by your look, you really show that you've won. You took on the snakes in that hall, and you beat them. Congratulations!


  • Dia

    This is the stuff for which they coined the term, "Catch-22".

    Fortunately, they have no powerl over you without your consent.


    okay BILL and SHEILA---now that I have gotten a better grip on life (reality) that is and have come to grips with your DFD and me DIASS..turned apostate and all alone in this big big world---could you please put this in booklet form and do include pictures with captions (a pix is worth a thousand words) paperback PLEASE it will be less expensive...i am laughing so hard I am wetting my adult diaper right as I speak---title of the booklet should be THE GREAT COMEDY BY BILL you folks healing hugs to all (((((((hugs))))) LINDA LOU aka queenie

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