My Disfellowshipping

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  • anewlife

    THANK YOU BILL!!!!!!!

    What incredible courage....I admire you more and more for ALL you've done with each posting I read! I especially LOVE the fact that you stood up and YOU took control of the situation....WAY TO GO! I just can't express how much I am impressed by your stand.

    Sheila, hats off to you too for supporting such a brave man!!! (((((((Bill & Sheila))))))))


  • Tinkerbell4125

    Good for you Bill! *Tippin my hat to ya*

    Tink =;o)

  • silentlambs

    Thank you all for the kind remarks and thoughts. It has been a long week, I feel like I have been wrestling a bear. The work that goes into promoting a media story is unbelievable. No one will ever know how much effort went into getting the NYT article along with the highs and lows of waiting two weeks for it to finally hit the paper. The CNN interview was not easy also. I was called on Monday and asked about the possibility, then Tuesday I was called with a go if I could get eight people ready to go on camera in 45 minutes. I called numerous people and finally got eight within 45 minutes. That is the only reason we got the story the next day. They then used only two. The truck arrived five minutes before the interview and had to set up in 30 minutes, something that generally takes two hours. I had asked to speak with Connie Chung in advance to prepare for the interview. That did not happen, the first word out of her mouth was the interview, so we had no idea what she was going to ask. She had five false starts and after we finished they wanted to do a retake, which I thought was a good idea. When they tried to do that they lost the KY sat link as the time was up and someone else was in line for it. We did not get a retake. As good as it was, it could have been much better, but we gave it our best shot. I again thought Heidi and Amber truly delivered under stressful circumstances. It was a heroic adventure to say the least. Thursday dawned with more media wanting information within an hour for a major story next week, the CNN preparation helped me to have people ready to go. I am going to let WT guess where this torpedo is coming from. I also have two foreign countries doing interviews next week. Wanna guess WT?

    Thursday was a blur, today has been non stop phone calls and over 100 emails. It seems momentum is getting stronger as more start to see this as far worse than the Catholic scandal, in that they are lying their way out of this. I was somewhat disappointed in the Paducah article, it seems the reporter printed a lot less of what I said and everything Stockwell said. It appeared I was a bit radical and they thought I was going to start a fight, the reality is the opposite is true. It is they who have harrassed, lied, vandalized, and done many other hurtful things. They are the deceptive ones who ignore even trying to tell the truth. The comment about the local molestation being groundless was such an outrage, it is exactly what they have told the congregation. The reporter got hosed and did not even know it. But any press is good press and we will take what we can get.

    The KH number is correct, you can call information to verify if you wish as it is listed. It is on an answering machine. they used my voice for over one year before they realized who was on the machine and changed it.

    Well it is accomplished, it was a wild ride that I thought would never have lasted this long. The basis of course was totally bogus for my df, as with Joe, they showed how much they really care about children in relation to their absolute control. I believe they have publicly condemned themselves by their actions. I know many have anger over doctrine and jerks who have hurt them badly as well as the pain of the df policy. Yet this issue has made a public testiment to something more than disagreements between people. It is a crime to hurt children, it is a crime to hurt children in the name of religion, it is a crime for a religion to willfully continue to hurt children when they understand what policy is doing.

    These little demagods have went to far, they have overreached their supreme insanity. If you are a JW and your children gets hurt, the record to date will give you a basis to sue their pants off. You see wt policy has changed, the only difference is, wt will be paying out far more in lawsuits by defending current bad policy than making needed adjustments. When the first one goes down in court, they will be drawn and quartered. There may come a time when lawyers advertize for JW molestation victims as it will be like shooting fish in a barrel. Wt attorneys are "motion" lawyers, if you get them into an actual trial they cannot defend their way out of a wet paper sack. When that is discovered it will be a shark feeding frenzy.

    The arrogance continues to amaze me, for an organization that preaches so much about humility they seem to not practice humilty when it comes to issues involving children. Some have compared it to the wizard of oz, personally I see no kindly little old man running the wizard, I see something far more sinister, evil and self serving.

    Now to change to subject, as I have lost all JW family I am open for adoption and adoptees. It is time to start a "real" family based on unconditional love. What is that scripture about fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers? The fake ones are all gone now it is time to find a real family. As I finished the last sentence the radio started playing "with arms wide open" by creed. Perhaps that sums it up best.



    OH DEAR BILL ((((((((HUGS))))) now 4 your naming your bible fellowship is it going to be Silentlambs fellowship Group or something else..I have your pixs in my scrap book now...with deepest respect I remain THE LAMB THAT ROARED -- INNER-PEACE QUEENIE and crew

  • Bendrr
    Now to change to subject, as I have lost all JW family I am open for adoption and adoptees. It is time to start a "real" family based on unconditional love. What is that scripture about fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers? The fake ones are all gone now it is time to find a real family

    Brother Bowen, I'd be proud to call you family sir.

    Just to add a thought of encouragement primarily for you Bill but also for everyone here. Remember Jesus' parable of sowing seed on different soils? Luke 8:5-8. In verse 7 Jesus said some of the seed fell among the thorns. Your message has been heard by many JW's, a seed falling on the soil of a heart and sometimes being choked out by the thorns of the WTS. But even in your congregation Bill there may be one or two or even more and your seed reached their hearts past the thorns. Look at all the support you've gained so far. Your seeds haven't fallen by the roadside, they've reached the "soil" that I believe they were intended to reach: the silent lambs and those who believe in what is truly right instead of what they are told is right.

    The seeds you're planting are the Kudzu that will overwhelm the WTS. Kudzu can't be stopped, just ask any southerner. Now those old Yankees in Brooklyn are seeing major growths of the Silent Lambs "kudzu" all over their empire and no amount of "herbicide" in the form of disfellowshippings, kangaroo-court judicial hearings in motel rooms, and accusations of apostasy will ever stop the field of seeds that you are planting Bill.

    God bless you brother!


  • Sadie5

    Hope I'm not to late to add to this thread. Hold your head high, you've done a great thing for many.


  • mommy1


    All I can say is Thank you.

  • outoftheorg

    Hello Mr. Bowen;

    I have read many of your posts and those posts about you. This is the first time I have responded to one. It has given me pleasure to see you succeed in your efforts up to this point. I assume that this is the beginning of the next steps rather than the end. It will probably get more difficult as time goes on. I and all the others here I am sure, wish you well and will support you in any way we can.

    I have come to believe that the wbts will never accept any internal changes in policies such as the policy on child abuse, blood issues, disfellowshipping. I think these things will only be solved or cleared away by the collapse of the wbts. If not total at least to a great degree.

    I have wondered about how you and others are thinking about this issue. Do you and others think differently or do you also think this is the only answer?

    This is bound to be a time of very mixed feelings of elation and sorrow at how things had to work out. Be assured that you have the full respect of many many people. They all realize the burden this has been on you and your family and yourself. You are a brave man and deserve all the respect you have coming your way.

    Look after yourself and your family in emotional and spiritual areas. This was truly a job well done. I and all others here wish you and your family the best of things this life has to offer.

    Give your family a big hug from us all.


  • TR

    Thanks, Bill, for taking the lead in exposing the WTS as the hypocrites that they are.


  • sf

    I pulled this out of the thread re: a reply to Seeker4 that I wanted here as well:

    [[ "It can make a huge difference for them to know that this has been in the NY Times, on AP and so on." ]]

    They DO KNOW it is from NYT. This is the very REASON I am not Comprehending why it was not in our area.

    Who are these 'jouralistic judges' who decide what should and should not be reported?


    So it would seem now, that we have to contend with PEOPLE WHO DECIDE WHAT WE, AS THE PUBLIC, SHOULD AND SHOULD NOT BE WELL AWARE OF.

    The media IS RESPONSIBLE FOR REPORTING THIS TO EVERY COMMUNITY IT CAN. Not only selected news outlets.

    How much sense is it making sir, to NOT have it in all newspapers in the country? Pardon me, but is just bunk! And I hold reporters RESPOSIBLE TO REPORT ALL IMPORTANT NEWS THAT RELATES TO CHILDRENS SAFETY IN MY NEWSPAPER and television news... so why and for what REASONS?? Pardon me, again, but......Duhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    A W A R N E S S !!!!!!!!!!! IN ALL COMMUNITIES!!

    It's GOT to change, like everything else that's screwed up in this world.

    Again, I ask, will YOU, someone in that very position TO CHANGE the way IMPORTANT NEWS, relating TO ALL CHILDRENS SAFETY, please, help??

    Sincerely, sKally

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