Would you condone abortion?

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  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    Abortion bad.

  • simplesally

    If you have ever talked to a woman who has had an abortion, she will most likely tell you that she has never forgiven herself for killing her baby. Most can tell you the day and the year she did that.

    Talking to women who are inconveniently pregnant is one thing. Talking to a woman who has aborted her child is another.

    I have to say, women that go ahead and have a child even though they were raped are heroes. That little baby is still a baby. That child is not a rapist. And if she loves and keeps that baby instead of sending it to a loving adoptive family, then more honor to her.

    Women have choices these days as single mothers, that our mothers did not. Before, it was such a huge stigma to have a child out of wedlock. Women made desperate choices and lived to regret them, if they survived the illegal abortions.

  • SpiderMonkey
    RE: Xander

    You dont make any sense?

    Actually, Xander has made some of the most intelligent comments on this issue here. I've often wondered: Why doesn't the government (I'm talking about the USA, but I'm unaware of *any* govt doing this) simply commission an objective study as to when a fetus becomes a human being? In other words, possesses a true stream of consciousness, can process input and make conclusions about it, etc? It can't be that hard to figure it out with modern technology. An EEG would do the trick. And then we wouldn't have to listen to people argue til we're all nauseous about "pro-choice" vs. "pro-life" when in reality, no one *knows*. At the moment, it's all about ideology and/or religion. Some call it "murder," but they don't know. Some call it "choice," or "an extension of the woman's body," but they don't know, either. Until some real research backs up either claim, it's ridiculous to cast judgment on someone who has an abortion. Law should be based upon science, IMO.

    For the record, if I accidentally got a girlfriend pregnant, I would respect her right to have an abortion... No matter how early she did so, tho, she wouldn't be my girlfriend anymore, because I disagree in my heart with abortion. BUT... That doesn't mean that I KNOW. This is not an issue for anyone to decide for someone else.

  • SixofNine

    There is no excuse, as I pointed out several times in the last discussion on this matter, for a woman to get pregnant by rape. Pregnancy can be prevented after the sex act. Don't believe me? Read up on it.

    Blueroom, I think you have a reasonable handle on this.

    Flip, I was pro-choice till I read your post. Wow, now that I know the anti-abortion movement is going to take care of the situation, I'm gonna join up! lol.

    I think there are two kinda people who should definitely consider shutting the f*** up about the issue 1) any male politician, and 2) anyone who has not adopted a kid and given them a good home.

    Abortion is very distasteful, especially past a few weeks, but I find crappy abusive parenting even more distasteful. I see parents at Wal-mart all the time that I'd like to abort, but then who would raise their kids?

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  • SpiderMonkey

    do you think killing an unborn child is murder [a loaded question from the get-go]

    today ive lost my job,had a change of heart,cant cope with my 5 yr old son mmmm what shall i do then i think ill just kill it yeh that will make everything better. Am i more open minded know. [not a true analogy; as Xander pointed out, how is a single or double celled fetus the same as a 5 year old child?]

    looks like a baby to me. [and therefore, it is a baby? like i posted above, we need science's input on this. a monkey fetus looks a lot like a baby too.]

    women that go ahead and have a child even though they were raped are heroes. That little baby is still a baby. That child is not a rapist. And if she loves and keeps that baby instead of sending it to a loving adoptive family, then more honor to her.

    These are the kinds of emotional arguments that are currently in use by those who want to outlaw abortion, all abortion, and want to prevent any- and everyone from having an abortion. But you don't *know*. The whole "potential" debate is meaningless, as Xander also pointed out; I have the potential to have sex with a squirrel. And the demand to "have the baby, and give him or her up for adoption" is charged as well. This truly is a CHOICE, as you don't know what sort of life will come of it. Anyone that wants to support with hard statistics whether the average baby given up for adoption has a chance at a good life is more than welcome to post it; personally, though it may sound cold, I doubt the world needs any more people who grow up thinking they're not wanted!

  • gravedancer

    Without expressing my viewpoint, I happen to think the logic used by Xander (nothing personal dear friend) is flawed.

    You tried to make an argument that just because a sperm cell and an egg unite....whats the big deal? What the difference between them after vs. before....

    If we are to use your logic...and say NOTHING...then the answer stays nothing and we should be able to kill anyone because it is an arbitrary decision from that point forwards, isn't it?

    Some would say after 3 months.....then no abortion. Why? And how can you generalize in this manner? Some "babies" mature at different rates than others...

    All the arguments on both sides of the debate are useless. They will never be resolved to the satisfaction of either side since each side has totally different (note I said different not opposing) viewpoints.

    Why not argue about euthanasia instead?

  • haujobbz

    RE:to all

    Im glad to hear all your opinions on the matter of abortion,i basically just wanted to know how the public really view this subject even if it may have been discussed before, and i believe its not a subject that is old fashioned since when has murder been fashionable anyway i would like to mention some of the good points brought out so far in this thread i found interesting:

    1.pregnancy can be prevented after the sex act

    2.fertile cell potential for consciousness,soul,sential,etc

    3.if you had aborted me i wouldnt have been born

    4.commision an objective study on the fetus to see if it posses true stream of conciousness

    5.severe regret after abortion.

  • blacksheep

    "why is it being narrow minded to question precious life being destroyed by irresponsible humans."

    Hmmm....don't you think your language is a bit LOADED here?? (Sounds straight out of the WT, btw. Their style is unmistakeable).

  • blueroom

    Umm. Aside from many obvious flaws in their teachings, I left the Witnesses because of their passing of judgement on me and many others unfairly. Telling me what's loose conduct and what is not. How about you pro-life?

    What is more immoral...smoking or an abortion? Abortion you say, then why were so many passed the same judgement for these totally separate sins?

    Can you take such a moral stand on this? Can many of us here can pass moral judgements? Who decides what sin is? I can't. I 'sin'. I drink, get high, had sex before I was married, celebrate holidays, have gay friends and I have been known to participate in some minor crimes. (office supplies)

    Anyone who does ANY of these things is immoral in some way. No? And if you act immorally, can you judge others?

    Again, who decides what's a sin? God you say.... who's?

    Not mine.

  • simplesally

    I think its wrong to judge others.......

    I told what my opinion is .... for me.

    The reason I have such strong feelings is because on Oct 31, 1986, I had an abortion.
    On May 16, 2001, I had a beautiful baby girl.

    I remember. I know.

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