Would you condone abortion?

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  • haujobbz

    Today i questioned my mother about the fact that she told me ? yrs ago how she lost 2 kids through a miscarriage but then later told me she aborted them,well i didnt know what to say, but then later questioned her about this i asked her why she did it, she told me that she was already bringing up me and my sister and financialy impossible to look after two more kids,well i didnt agree with that reason or any reason to kill the unborn she then said she wasnt in the truth then "huh what difference does that make".

    Then she gave an illustration of reasons when you should condone abortion and it goes like this, if you were raped and later found out you were pregnant what would you do she seemed to say she would abort it,i said i wouldnt if that happened to my wife i said i would probably end up having it adopted,after all its better than murder.

    How has this affected my familys view on abortion i wonder, well i have 5 sisters and 1 more brother,and already my brother in cold blood made his girlfriend abort hers due to the inconvienience,and also my older sister had hers aborted 2 yrs ago because the father didnt want to know with out a hint of regret,so im now starting to see a pattern in my family,whos to blame them or my mother as a role model.

    So to cut a long story short do you think killing an unborn child is murder,would you do it under certain scenarios.

  • joannadandy

    I think you are just opening a can of worms here haujobbz...

    Obviously there are going to be people who don't share your point of view. I don't see what you are trying to accomplish with this thread when you are quite obviously not open minded about this subject. You have made up your mind. So why do you bother asking?

  • Naeblis

    Not only do I condone it, I encourage it.

  • haujobbz

    RE: joannadandy (guilty are you)

    All i want to know is how others feel on the subject,even if i do think its wrong why dont you think its "murder",some say when its few weeks old its not really a human, why is it being narrow minded to question precious life being destroyed by irresponsible humans.

    "please rewind my mind so i can be blind again"

  • Naeblis

    I say get the newborns too.

  • haujobbz

    RE: naeblis

    "I might agree with killing older ones though"

  • SPAZnik

    I really wouldn't presume to judge.

    I have no way of knowing exactly what set of circumstances
    the individual making the decision is faced with.
    What their motives were
    Or how they live with the decision they made,
    as in, whether they regret it or not.

    I don't like people that run around judging abortion & homosexuality "in the name of God"
    at the same time as they themselves break others of "God's Laws"
    by fornicating, lying, murdering, etc. Oh yeah, and judging.

    It's hypocritical as far as I'm concerned.
    Really ridiculous for humans to judge each other.

    As for me, i would have to BE in the situation
    in order to really know what i would do.

    I hope i can avoid such a situation altogether
    by playing safe and only having children
    when/if i ever want them.

    Your "rape" scenario is a tuff one.
    I don't think i would want such a reminder around.
    I don't know if i could truly love such an "offspring".
    I don't THINK i would abort, I think i would give it up for adoption though.
    Again, not sure.

    Another consideration is the fact that the body
    aborts "naturally" all the time.

    I think this needs to be considered too.


  • Silverleaf

    I think unless you are a woman faced with an unwanted pregnancy you really have no say in the matter and your opinion is moot. It's a personal decision and the few people I've known who have been in that position did not make the decision lightly. I know far more people who chose to have children they didn't want and proceeded to give them miserable lives and dismal futures. Bad parenting is a far worse crime in my opinion and a much greater epidemic.


  • haujobbz

    I suppose you could say that today ive lost my job,had a change of heart,cant cope with my 5 yr old son mmmm what shall i do then i think ill just kill it yeh that will make everything better. Am i more open minded know.

    Also joannadandy you do seem the easily offended sensitive stereotypical jw type,awww maybe you want lots of attention also if you think im doing this just to get lots of views then your the one who is narrow minded,i would say at least its better than moaning about your previous life as a jw in all these threads,i thinks you should let go of your past and be positive.

  • Francois

    Silverleaf, you are wise beyond your years, however many that is. This is a topic about which everyone is an expert. Kind of like the people who know the most about how to raise children are the ones who don't have any.


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