Would you condone abortion?

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  • SYN

    In a perfect world, any woman who didn't want her baby would just give it up for adoption.

    Unfortunately, this is a romantic viewpoint to take, and not a terribly realistic one, although is is the ideal one.

    The gritting question to me, one that I still haven't been able to think through personally is, when exactly does one begin to classify the embryo or feotus (SP?) as human?

    Tough one, isn't it?

  • simplesally

    Here's an 8 week old fetus..... looks like a baby to me.

    Here's one at 12 weeks .... definately a baby.

  • simplesally

    At the end of the second month the cardiac valves and four chambers of the heart are established and functioning. Nervous system development has begun, and so has motor activity.

    In month three, the fetus jerks its body and flexes its tiny legs and arms. Weight is 3/4 ounce (21 grams), about the same as a letter.

    During the fourth month the fetus reaches almost 6 inches (15cm) in length. Arms and hands are fully shaped with fingernails. Feet and legs are fully molded, and hair has already started to appear.

    In the fourth and fifth month the fetus begins reacting to sound, and hair becomes courser and colored.

    In the sixth month the fetus is over 12 inches (30 cm) long. The thumb is actively involved in grasping. The inner ear is structurally capable of functioning.

    I wish more women would consider adoption over abortion.

  • haujobbz

    RE: simplesally

    Nice pictures sally,and thankz for your opinion

    I suppose im still old fashioned

    Remember that even a 1 day old fertilized cell still has the potential to be conscious,sentience,soul

  • blueroom

    I got to be honest here people. I know alot of stupid people in this world who really do not deserve to breed. If they choose to end the 'life' of a child, there is a good chance that that child was not going to have a good life anyway. Abortions are usually because of rape, or a spouse cheated, or they are 15 or omeone had a one night stand. They are not usually some loving couple who decide this isn't right and decide to use abortion as a form of birth control. Granted, some of those children might succed. But the fact that there is a percentage of people who are mistakes who become successful doesn't hold any water with me. There is a real statistic that says you might wake up tomorrow in a rain forest.

    If you can't handle it and you know it, more power to you. But, as with any difficult decision, learn from your mistake the first time.

  • zenpunk

    My mother was 15 when she found out I was on the way - a sophmore in High School! Everyone begged her for an abortion. I'm so glad she refused.

  • blueroom

    I knew as soon as I posted that, someone would come forth who would be an example.

    Indeed I also have friends who were born to teen moms and many friends who are teen moms themselves. A good friend of mine has three kids, from three different dads and she's 21. I took that into account. This is not a black and white issue, nor was my statement intended to be. I guess I was trying to explain why I'm pro-choice instead of just saying it. I do think it's life, but it's not mine. Nor is it mine to raise and care for.

  • Flip

    We of the ANTI ABORTION movement have over 26,000,000 official members and our numbers are growing each year.

    Of course, everyone involved with our ANTI ABORTION movement abhors the abortion process so let it be known, we are instigating a revolutionary program that no longer chastises anyone regardless of cause, either misfortune, mental illness or lack of intelligence or unfortunate decision making.

    This program, as an ANTI ABORTIONIST group, will provide unlimited financial support, shelter, food, clothing all the necessities of life, without judgment of the mothers past live style or its cause, a safe, loving and supportive environment for as long as the child, mother / father in question, anywhere on the face of the planet, is in need. Regardless of whether the mother/father designated or undesignated guardian chooses to raise the child together, alone or not at all.

    It was been unanimously accepted into our movements charter; if we, the ANTI-ABORTION MOVEMENT are taking on the responsibility of affecting the lives of individuals by protesting the deaths of their unborn children we vow at the same time to become our brothers keeper and accept all responsibilities of our choice and the choices we make for others.

    Please phone our toll free number 1 800 555 **** - Millions of willing operators are waiting to sacrifice their lives to assist you. Mothers living in third world country may turn to any place of worship regardless of faith (not including buildings that advertise Kingdom Halls) and they will make sure you and your child will be directed to the caring arms of the ANTI ABORTION movement.

    We take the death of unborn children seriously regardless of circumstance or lack thereof. So seriously that we believe this new ANTI ABORTION program and the accompanying love and financial support, regardless of hardship to our ANTI ABORTION members will render abortion totally unnecessary and the realization of our personal beliefs and desires a success.

    Fantasy you say?!

    you bet.

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  • curious

    This is a very personal decision, and takes a lot of thought on the women having it. However, legally it should never be made by lawmakers who don't have a womb! EVER.

  • Silverleaf

    Exactly what Curious said.

    Haujobbz - you're right, I don't know that you are not a woman, but your argument reminded me of a discussion I had with my JW ex many years ago. He had been told by his mother that she had considered an abortion when she was pregnant with him. This news devastated him. [I can say I agree it's not a nice thing to hear and not something that a mother should necessarily admit to her child, but nevertheless] he took it very hard and was beside himself. I told him it was a long time ago and not to dwell on it. She DIDN'T have one, obviously so why get upset 20 something years after the fact? He said to me, and in all seriousness mind you:

    How would you feel if I had never been born?

    I thought, well, probbaly pretty foolish since I'd have been sitting there talking to no one. And arguing with them no less. The fact is, it's been my experience that those who argue most vehemently against abortion are usually men.


    PS: Thank you, Francois!

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