Bill Bowen Disfellowshipped

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  • silentlambs

    As of 8:30 pm this evening the appeal hearing decided to uphold the decision. I spoke to them for over an hour and tried to reason with them as to the validity of their decision. Frankly, they were not interested. They refused to look at the letters from people all over the world that stated silentlambs had not divided them from JW's, they refused to look at over 1000 stories of abuse I had with me, they refused to read the New York Times, they tried to refuse the witnesses who came with me the right to speak with them. It did not work they had to face them anyway as they banged on the door and forced the committee to let them in. The result was the worst case of elder abuse I have seen in 20 years. The committee had to sit and listen for another hour and a half to the reality of what their decision meant.

    Did it make a difference? Nope.

    As you all know, there is no reasoning, no logic, no fairness, no justice, when it comes to the directions the Governing Body has mandated for all who try to speak out on abuse. They will have their control, they will have their silence and if children are raped, so what. Sell books or die...

    At least we got pictures......


    If you would like to see the appeal hearing click below;

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  • Gopher


    Thanks for doing what is right, even in the face of such hard-line evil. As the cases keep rolling in, the Society will have to keep retreating.


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  • WildHorses

    I'm sorry Bill, look at the bright side though. Maybe your being judged unfairly will open a few more eyes.

    BTW, the link will not allow me in. It says I do not have permission.


  • searcher


    Sorry to hear this. Just one more cofirmation that the GB will have 'silence before justice'.

    It seeme to me that the hearings are unscriptural anyway. Does'nt the nt say bring it before the congregation?. So what has a secret elder committee got to do with that?

    True control depends on secrecy and misinformation.


  • The Alchemist
    The Alchemist

    Bill, people outside the JW/XJW community find it unbelievable that this would happen to you. When did the Catholic Church or any other religion excomunicate their church members for pointing out commited inside the church? Before electricity thats when. This will do more to help people wakeup than anything else. God is with you!

  • COMF

    Chomping at the bit to see the pics, Bill!

  • Vivamus


    I didnt know you (or your actions) until not so long ago. Here in the Netherlands publicity about what youre doing is near non-existent. I learned about it, when I visited Randys page and saw the link to the BBC, Panorama. (I signed up on this forum after that.) I was stunned and baffled. And more than that, I felt a deep admiration for your courage. It takes courage and convicting to stand up to something so big as the Organization, you have displayed both. The fact that they disfellowshipped you, only confirms my opinion of the org.

    Take care,


  • kenpodragon

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Sound like the best step into a much better life!

  • silentlambs

    I corrected the link above but here it is also,

  • abbagail

    I felt really sad when I first heard. (I don't know why, because I halfway expected it, but once it is "officially done," it still brings on a sad feeling all over.) I am so sorry, yet so glad the lambs & witnesses were there banging on the door. To have to practically beg to be heard, though, is pathetic. That must have shook them up but good (the banging on the door). Were these elders even cordial at all? Did they show any compassion at all for you or the lambs who spoke? Or were they just cold as ice?

    The date of this hearing was a good one in that it was on the same day as The New York Times' article. I hope the Times does an immediate follow-up tomorrow about the "burning at the stake" of Bill. I agree with The Alchemist who said this should wake people up more than anything else (the worldly people I'm sure); yet as Searcher said "True control depends on secrecy and misinformation," so the regular JWs will probably for the most part keep their heads in the sand, cutting themselves off from knowledge of what's really happening.

    I guess the next step is carry on on with lawsuits, newspaper articles, put pressure on the authorities to investigate the WTS, and continued support for the lambs.

    (As for everyone chomping to see the pictures, Bill probably crashed and went to bed, wouldn't ya think? Been a long day no doubt.)

    Feeling heavy in heart, but ever hopeful,

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