Bill Bowen Disfellowshipped

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  • COMF

    This one sums it up. Major cool.

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  • abbagail

    OMG! I just looked at the slide show of the pics! The photo-commentaries were sooo humorous! You guys did a great job with the writing! I loved the one about leaving the room as the "blood is running down my back." (Funny/Not Funny-How appropriate!). And the one with the "biggest JW briefcase." LOL! Bill's wife and the other sis with their ears glued to the door! Too cute! :-) The pic with the comment, "No eye witnesses? If I had been a child molester..." -- Brave girl standing in the doorway shooting photos while they were shutting the door in her face! Counting time/return visits on the way home... Too many great lines to remember. They were all great pics! Thanks for sharing them with us.

    Does it being official now "sting" at all, though? I would think it would. We couldn't help but have hope they would somehow miraculously see the light (...thinking of the scripture: "even in laughter the heart may be in pain.")

    Hope everyone gets a good night's sleep!

    PS: Those mint ribbons were nice! I didn't know SilentLambs had those. Did I miss them at the SL site? (I don't remember seeing them there). Where can we buy some? I will hand them out to everyone from here on in!

  • SYN

    Did anybody else notice this? Bill put all the pictures under Community: Pets: Reptiles: kangaroo elders!!!! LOL, good one Bill! That's certainly the correct category for them!

    Sorry to hear about the disfellowshipping, but then again, your fate will show others just how cruel and ignorant the Tower really is. They had to DF you at all costs, lest more Witnesses actually listen to your cause.

  • DakotaRed

    Very sorry to hear it, Bill. But, I believe we all knew it was a foregone conclusion. I bet they held the appeal hearing more as show of fairness. I wouldn't doubt there was direct orders from the Watchtower to make sure the decision was upheld.

    So much for truth and justice within the Watchtower Society today.

    Lew W

  • onacruse

    Your work has helped thousands of victims. That's a legacy that ANYone would and should be proud of. But more, you have helped hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, see the truth about this shameful state of affairs.

    The significant sacrifices you have made, and are making, to accomplish this add dignity and power to your effort.

    Wishing you every possible comfort in your trials,


  • Prisca

    I am disgusted by the decision, but not surprised.

    Hang in there, Bill and Sheila. You've done alot of good work, and have done no wrong.

    (((((bill and sheila)))))

  • ozziepost

    Bill our brother,

    Mrs Ozzie and I sympathise with you in the feelings you're experiencing right now.

    It's not the right time, I guess, to start talking "logically", but in time, you'll come to realise that they've done you a favor!

    After many days you'll come to realise, if you haven't already, that the WTS is NOT "The Truth", and is NOT Jehovah's special possession.

    "Get out of her, my people, if you do not want to share with her in her sins" seems most apt, don't you think?

    God Bless.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Klaus Vollmer
    Klaus Vollmer

    Bill thy former friends denied thy reasoned arguments. They did the job they had to do ; GB's tools.

    Wasnt there just in your congregation in the past something like child abuse?

    I am looking forward if not exactly those who denied you christian aid and support will need help when they are sued by any victim. sued together with those in the ivory towers.

    I guess the rubicon is already left behind for the borg. They are loooooosing. Everyday a little bit more for those men in black

    What did the pharisee in his prayer say: OH LORDM HOW GREAT THAT I AM NOT LIKE THIS EVIL ONE.

    And yet he was rejected.

    whatever someone will sew he will reap. They have sewn strom and will harvest destruction - by their own hypocrisy action

  • Salud


    Hang in there. In my appeal meeting after trying to reason with them using the Bible and the 'Flock' book their response was that we have spent too much time on this and that they were done with the matter. How loving and understanding. It typifies the judicial mentality that exist in the organization.

    Think of all the good you have done! You have many supporters. We stand beside you.

    Salud and wife.

  • Dia

    Why do they bear such a striking resemblance to undertakers?

    Stand back.

    They've got their minds and hearts tied into such a tight little knot, when this thing busts loose, somebody could get hurt.

    We should pray for our enemies, right?

    This is why it's not easy to be a Christian.

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